Autumn doesn´t really start until you wear a berry lip, right? That´s how it definitely works for me. I just love a good berry lip, but not only that, but also using similar shades on my eyes and cheeks are my favourite things to do once it get´s colder and more colourful outside. I wanted to share with you my little collection of makeup bits that I reach for most often in autumn...

NYX Full Throttle Lipstick in Locked

This lipstick is life! I always worry about wearing really colourful shades on my lips, because once they start to fade away, you are left looking like a fool. This one though, is completely waterproof, I even have troubles getting it off with normal micellar water. Besides that amazing fact, the texture is also really soft, highly pigmented, and just soooo comfortable to wear on my lips. Every year I´m excited all over again to put it on.

Maybelline Tattoo in Metallic Pomegranate

I take most of my makeup inspiration from places like Instagram, Pinterest, Tumblr, etc. and one look that appears really often is a classic berry eye. Nothing else in the crease or the outer V, one berry eyeshadow is used all over the lid, blended out perfectly, and that´s exactly what I use this Maybelline Cream eyeshadow for. Sometimes I do love to add a bit of glitter to the center of my lid, but really nothing more. Simple but absolutely fab!

KIKO Tinted Lip Balm in Blueberry

I received this little balm at my latest blogger event and I use it every day ever since.
It´s really hydrating, kinda a wet texture, smells really fresh and natural like blueberry´s and gives my lips a lovely berry tint. It´s really handy to throw in any bag and probably my most used product at the moment, haha.

HYPOAllergenic Creamy Rouge Glow Stick

I just recently started using this product, after I got it at my first blogger event. I really like how you can easily build it up, it´s really easy to blend in with my fingers and gives me the most beautiful hint of berry colour together with a fresh glow. It´s just perfect to bring some colour to your face during the colder months. It´ll also definitely find it´s place in my carry-on makeup bag, as it´s so easy to reapply on the go.

What are your berry makeup favourites?

Summer is over since a longer time now, yet I found myself reaching back for my summer makeup items, especially during the last days where we still had around 20 degree celsius. After a sudden drop in temperature I thought now is the perfect time to bring out my autumnal makeup favourites and keep them out for a very long time.

During summer I was more likely to reach for a light BB-Cream, instead of heavy full coverage foundations, a natural eyemakeup look and on the lips I preferred also a more natural pink/nude shade.
Well, for autumn I go for the complete opposite...
I really enjoy putting a heavy foundation on my face during the colder months. I take full advantage about the fact that I won´t sweat it away, but rather have the full coverage with an even flawless base. My favourites for that are the Rimmel Match Perfection, the L´Oreal Perfect Match and the last of what is left from my MAC Studio Fix Foundation.
The reason why I love all three of them is easy, with combination skin I always had the problem of it either being too oily or too dry. 
When I have the case of too oily skin, I reach for the RImmel or MAC foundation. Both have a semi-matte finish, and you can literally see every dry patch, but keep oil at bay. 
During dry skin days I reach for the L´Oreal Foundation, as it has a really glowy finish and dry skin patches are completely hidden and covered with it. The only negative thing about this foundation is, that it needs to be set again during the day as otherwise, things get too oily and glowy.

For the eyes I switch from a subtle shimmery nude to a full on daytime smokey eyes, or for autumnal shades from the Anastasia Beverly Hills Modern Renaissance Palette. This palette is just made for this time of the year. I really love to use the caramel/beige or berry shades in the crease and the glittery nude shades on the lid for an easy everyday look. If I´m not using this palette, I reach for something like the MAC Satin Taupe Single Eyeshadow, which is a grey, slightly glittery shade all over my eye or an eyeshadow stick, like the RImmel Scandaleyes, a golden bronzey shade that I apply in a line along my lashline and then blend it out towards my crease. Simple but effective :)

My lipstick choice is probably the most different during the colder months, as I switch from nudes to berry and brown shades.
By far my favourite berry lip choice is the NYX Full Throttle in Locked. It´s waterproof, like you can literally drink everything, even really hot beverages, and it doesn´t fade or smudge at all. The colour pay off is really lovely and the lipstick just feels really comfortable to wear all day long.
I find myself reaching for liquid lipstick every now and then, and one of my current favourites is the NYX Lingeries, they are really pigmented and when used with a lip balm underneath also comfortable to wear. The colour range is really big and goes from paler pink/nudes to really dark browns and reds.

How do you switch your makeup up for the colder months?

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Ever since I have to get up at around 5am everyday for work, my daily makeup routine has shrunk to a minimum of steps. I leave extra things as eyeshadow, eyeliner, contour, etc. away just to get a bit more sleep and than try to make myself look as human as possible at that ungodly hour.

My favourite step in the morning, which I like to take the most time for and makes me feel put together is applying foundation. At the moment, I actually choose between 3 every morning. The Rimmel Match Perfection Foundation, is one that I like to use when I need a medium semi-matte finish, that lasts for a long time and my skin is more oily than dry as usual.
If my skin is really dry though, I switch to the L´Oreal Perfect Match Foundation, which also has a medium to full coverage, it looks a lot more dewy and feels lighter on the skin. And the last choice I have is at the moment by far my favourite, it´s the L´Oreal Glam Beige Cushion Foundation. I´m all about the dewy glowy finish a cushion foundations gives me, it has just the right amount of coverage for every day and it doesn´t need to be set with a heavy powder to make it last all day.

By the end of the week, no foundation has enough coverage to hide the tiredness under my eyes. That´s why I reach for the Maybelline Fit Me Concealer, I just love this stuff! Perfect colour for my skin tone, really light weight, and medium coverage. Once it´s blended and set, it stays in place. Speaking of setting my makeup, I recently switched from powder to just setting spray. A brave step, but so far it works really well. I use the NYX Matte Finish Spray, it holds back any oil during the day, while still giving me a really natural finish.

The finishing basic steps are doing my brows, with my still absolute favourite and beloved Smashbox Brow Tech ToGo, I think I have spoken enough about this product on my blog, but just to be short, it´s fab!
For mascara, the Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara, has quickly become my favourite. It gives my lashes enough length and volume to make them look like falsies, how amazing!
What I also really love is, that even when I put on more layers on, my lashes still feel soft and not crispy and hard at all.

So that´s how much I´m able to do at 5 in the morning, haha. Simple but effective!

What is your morning makeup routine? Do you only do the most necessary or already for a whole makeup look?BLOGLOVIN | INSTAGRAM | TWITTER | PINTEREST

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When I´m trying new products out in the shower, it´s either hit or miss.
I´m not that picky when it comes to the scent, but I do like the fresh scent that a good in-shower product can give you. Apart from the smell I, of course, also search for things that hold up their promises. I get especially picky when it comes to hair products, as I have quite thick hair that can get frizzy really easily and needs to be tamed. Considering shower skincare, I only want something that hydrates my skin and smells lovely.
Recently I added some new products that completely live up to what I like...

Zoella Beauty Jelly and Gelato Shower Shake

You have probably read several reviews about Zoella´s newest beauty range, but there´s a really good reason why, it´s just amazing!
So far I only own the Shower Shake Body Wash, which is as thick as a body lotion, has the most beautiful (instagramable) packaging and just smells absolutely incredible! It´s one of those scents that is quite strong, but not uncomfortable strong. I would describe it as a sweet flowery scent, that you could easily wear throughout the colder months aswell as in the summer time. Now that it is so thick, it has come just perfect for autumn, as my skin tends to get a whole lot more drier and I´m too lazy for that extra step of applying body lotion after getting out of the shower, I just want to get into my warm pj´s then haha.

L´Oreal Elvital Oil Magique Coco Hair Mask

Recently I really got into using hair masks. My hair has improved a lot ever since I started, in things like how hydrated it is, how light it feels, and especially in how often I need to wash it. My favourite so far has been the Moisturizing Hair Mask by Tony & Guy, as it is more on the expensive side, I have decided to try something from the drugstore.
The L´Oreal Elvital Oil Magique Coco Hair Mask can be used in three different ways, during the hair wash, as a leave-in mask, or to tame little fly aways. So far I only used it during washing my hair, and its texture is really soft, smells really lovely and not too strong like coconut and makes my hair a lot easier to comb through, blow dry and style afterwards. An absolute bargain for only 3€!

Davines Oi All in One Milk*

This product came just perfectly, as recently my hair has been soooo dry!
It is a leave-in spray that contains Roucou-Oil and Vitamin B5 and simply helps your hair to be hydrated, shiny and voluminous in an instant. I can tell you that it is working really well! I keep this small bottle in my handbag and since I wear my hair in a ponytail most of the times, I notice that the ends of my hair can look and feel really crispy sometimes. If that´s the case I put some spritz of this Milk Spray in, wait a moment until it has sunk in and my hair feels so soft and a lot lighter than before!

Davines Oi Shampoo*

This shampoo is from the same range as the All in One Milk, but for some reason I don´t get along with it as good, sadly. I´m really picky when it comes to shampoos as my scalp can get itchy really fast and so far I have only found one shampoo that I can work with, so I had high hopes in this one to be the second good working one. It also contains Roucou-Oil and rose essence, and so has a really strong unique scent when you have it on, maybe that´s why I can´t really work with it. Nevertheless I also find that my hair looks quite greasy on the second day already, and is also kind heavy. So I don´t think I´ll come back to this...

Have you recently bought new shower products?

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Last Sunday I got the chance to attend my very first Blogger Event, and I was beyond excited! The event I got invited to was the "Trendmeister - Beauty Collection 2017"
I never heard of this event before, but after quickly googling what it was on about, I thought it would be a chilled event to start with.

It got held at the Rocco Forte The Charles Hotel in Munich, a really beautiful location, with really nice food, drinks and loads of well-known, but also new brands to discover.
Another idea that I thought was really great was that at the start you got a huge empty bag and to fill it, you´d have to go to each brands, chat with the people there, get to know more about their products and collect some goodies.
Let me tell you, when I got home my bag was more than full!

The brands that were presented at the event were: KIKO, Coach, Davines, Splat, DaVinci, Bell HYPOAllergenic, Gertraud Gruber and Rocco Forte The Charles Spa.
Sounds pretty good, and so be prepared for some new content including products from these brands...

For now I´ll just show you some shots from the day:

Thank you again to Hanna for inviting me, it was an absolute pleasure to be a part of it :)

The beach is just one of the best places on earth, and I´m so sad that my one week holiday is nearly over and I have to go back home again. During this week I honestly always took the same things with me, some things for entertaiment, some things for protection from the sun and some things just as accessorize cause we can´t look bad at the beach right? haha. I thought I would leave the standard things such as suncream away from this post and only show you the following essentials...


to keep me entertained all I need is my phone, my headphones and my camera.
I have to be honest and say I didn´t take a book with me, simply because I´m probably one of the laziest people when it comes to reading, I just don´t like it and so I would rather lay back and listen to some good music, play some games or just scroll through social media. Of course that´s not everything I´m gonna do, but I´m also gonna walk around the beach and try to take some nice shots, which I´ll be sharing with you all when I get back home next week, so be excited for them... :)


well I practically everything else I need is a pretty pair of sandals, which I can quickly get out of, to jump into the water haha. The ones above were from Vero Moda, and are sooo comfortable! I´ve been on the hunt for a new pair of pretty sandals for a while now and these ones are just perfect and absolutely gorgeous (if I might say so about my own things, haha). 
Continuing being stylish, I also took my silver sunglasses with me. My mum bought them for me at a little shop in Crete and I love them, an absolute bargain for only 10€! 
It was absolutely hot the whole week, so to get as much colder air as possible I took this fan with me, which I got in my last holiday in Croatia.
When I get up to get some drinks or food I prefer to cover myself up, but instead of always putting my clothes back on, I have this white tunic from Primark with me. Quick to put on, covers me a bit from the sun and makes me feel a lot more comfortable. 
Speaking of covering from the sun, to cover my head and hair from the heat, I´ve got a black cap from Nike. It can look soo cool and just suits me better than a straw hat, haha.
A lot of people seem to forget about the fact that your lips can get sunburned aswell, and since I don´t want to be in such pain I´ve got this little sun lip balm from a german drugstore. It stays on for so long, is nearly invisible and keeps my lips very hydrated.

When you go to the beach, what things do you definitely need to take with you?

Sun Protection for Hair & Skin
Sun Protection should be a very important topic when you go on holiday. Sun can damage your hair, as in drying it out, making it frizzy and all in one just really unhealthy looking. In case of skin, the sun can do even more damage, such as giving you skin cancer, making you look a lot older than you actually are, and getting you sunburned, which I´m sure no one of us want. To prevent all of that from happening I have put together a small collection of products for my hair and skin...

Sun Protection for Hair & Skin

Garnier Ambre Solaire Sun Oil SPF 20

I´ve already used this sun oil last year, and I´ve been absolutely loving it. It smells just amazing, very summery, a bit like coconut, shea butter and all in one just really good. Since this product sinks in really fast, it has quickly become one of my favourite oils on the market, even though I haven´t been a big fan of them before, because every one I have tried before stayed on top for way too long before sinking in and that simply felt uncomfortable and they wore off way quicker. My main aim is to achieve a gorgeous tan and so that´s why I chose to use a sun oil instead of sun cream for my whole holiday.

L´Oreal Elvital Sun Defense Spray

To protect my hair from the sun, dehydration and from getting even more frizzy than they already are, I chose this spray from L´Oreal after getting it recommended from my mum.
I can´t quite remember, whether I have used this oil last year aswell, and so I´m really excited to try it. From what my mum has said, it really protects hair from drying out and they feel really soft after using it. I hope it won´t make my hair look greasy and is easy to wash out.
Sun Protection for Hair & Skin

Rituals The Ritual of Karma Sun Protection Face Cream SPF 50

Now to protect my face from the sun, I certainly won´t be using an oil with only SPF 20, as I´m a lot more sensitive in that area and so I tend to get sunburned a lot faster. This sun cream has ingredients like white tea, Vitamin E and something called Ginkgo Bilboa, whatever it is, it is surely really good for preventing sunburn. It is waterproof, and supports you to get a sunny glow. I have noticed that this sun cream has improved the state of my skin so well and so I´m pretty confident in using it, without having to worry about damaging the skin on my face.

L´Oreal Ambre Solaire After Sun

Taking care of your skin is certainly not over after putting sun cream all over your body. If you want to keep that just achieved tan you definitely should use a After Sun Lotion, to keep your skin hydrated and soothe any sun burn you may have gotten. 
This Spray from L´Oreal includes cactus extract which does exactly these things. I actually prefer this over a lotion, as it sinks in really fast, you can easily apply in on your own, it´s really refreshing and smells soo lovely. 
Definitely a good option for someone as lazy as me, haha.

What do you use to protect your skin and hair from the sun?

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