Maybelline SuperStay 24h Waterproof Powder Review

Hello everyone! This is my first review and its obviously about the Maybelline SuperStay 24h Waterproof Powder. I got this in the colour 30 sand, it is a very pretty brownish colour, I have more like a pale skin and this powder gives me a little more colour but it still looks really natural. It also feels really soft and light on the skin which is, I think, really important. Another thing I also really love about this product is that, you dont have to apply a lot, but still get a good matt finishing.Also it isn´t really pricey but still has good quality. 
This were some things I like/ love about the powder but there is also one thing I dont like (it´s just one thing, which isn´t that bad ;) I dont like this sponge thing that comes with the powder, because it just puts the powder on one place of your face and you cant really spread it afterwards. That´s why I normally just throw these things out and use a normal powder brush :)
 I would really recommend this powder to people who just started with using make up because it is really easy to apply and not pricey (I already said that before, ups ;)
 So, this was my first review, I hope I did a good job :) 
See you soon, bye xx


20 Facts about me!

Hey everyone! This is my first blog post, and I thought why dont we start this blog with a post about me! I want you to know some basic facts about me, so let´s get started! 
  1. My full name is Laura Maria Kroczek
  2. I´m 14 (nearly 15)
  3. My Birthday is on 7th April
  4. I´m from Bavaria / Germany
  5. I have one sister
  6. I'm left handed
  7. I´m about 1,70m tall
  8. My natural hair colour is dark blonde / light brown
  9. My hobbys are: meeting my friends, go shopping, traveling
  10. My favourite shops are: TopShop, H&M, Forever 21, Zara, Mango, Brandy Melville
  11. I LOVE Starbucks 
  12. and Lush
  13. I love One Direction, 5SOS and Katy Perry
  14. I´m really interested in everything that contains Fashion or Beauty things
  15. My favourite colour is pink, white, cream, pastel colours
  16. Favourite accessories at the moment are: Statement Necklaces, Midi Rings
  17. Country I always wanted to go to: England, America, New Zealand, Australia
  18. My style is: very girly, casual, 
  19. I dont know any more Facts I could tell you
I hope you liked my first Post :) Please follow me, tell your friends about me and please tell me, in the comments, what you would want to see as my next Post :)
See you soon! x

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