Maybelline SuperStay Better Skin Foundation - Review

Hey everyone! Today I have a review for you all. How you can see it´s about the Maybelline SuperStay Better Skin Foundation. I´ve been using this foundation for a while now and thought it would be time to do a review of it. I´ve got it in the colour ´020 Cameo´, it´s the lightest colour you can get this foundation in. After using it I don´t have to look if I have a foundation line around my face, which is because this foundation is nearly the exact same colour as my skin tone, this is kinda bad since I don´t want to be this pale, haha. Anyway it doesn´t cover as good as my other foundation, but it is a lot lighter and softer on my skin and doesn´t feel cakey, which makes it perfect for the spring and summer time. It is also absolutely not glowy so you also don´t really need to put powder over it. Before I bought it, I´ve seen it a lot in commercials and was very skeptical and thought that it wouldn´t make any difference on my skin, but I was completely wrong, since I´ve been using the foundation, my skin feels and looks a lot better. This actually everything I wanted to say about it, I´m sorry if it´s a bit short. 

See you soon, Bye xx


Lace Shorts


Shorts - Zara
Top - Mango
Sandals - Primark

Hi everyone! It´s finally getting warmer, which means I can finally wear shorts again! That´s why today´s Outfit is a lot more summery. So, today I was wearing my lace shorts from Zara, on the front they look like a wrapped skirt, which I think makes it look a lot more girlier. Together with them I´m wearing my white camisole top from Mango, I had to wear a bandeau underneath it, because the top is really thin so you could see right through it. To make this look even more girlier than it already is, I´m wearing my flower sandals from Primark. I really love them, they are so comfortable and perfect for summer. I´m not much of a jewelry kind of person that´s why I couldn´t find any jewelry that would look good with my Outftit, but I think some gold midi rings would look perfect. I really hope you like today´s post :) 

See you soon, bye xxx


Mini Summer Wishlist

Summer Wishlist

Hello everyone! Sorry for not posting on the weekend but I had a lot to do. So, I thought that I would show you some things that I reeeeally want for the summer time. First off Fedoras, especially tanned fedoras, are a must-have for summer, I just love wearing them. At the moment I just have a black fedora but I´m always looking for a tanned one (sadly I haven´t found a cheaper version of this one). A black maxi skirt is just so simple and easy to style you can literally wear it anywhere, whether to school, to the beach, etc. That´s why I want it SO badly. The blue dress from Zara is just amazing, I have seen it in store but didn´t have enough money with me so then I came back a few weeks later and it was sold out (!). Worst day of my life, haha. I really hope they will bring it back soon, it was so gorgeous. Another must-have for the summer are Kimonos. A lot celebritys have worn it to Coachella this year and I instantly fell in love with them and wanted one too. This Kimono from TopShop is so pretty and totally worth the money. I think denim shorts are so worn out, sure you can still wear them I will wear them again too, but printed shorts are a lot better this year and also a really good alternative for them. I have seen these pair of shorts on Polyvore and immediatly thought, I NEED THEM. I wanted these Ray-Ban sunglasses for soooooo long, but they are just so expensive, thats why I always buy the similar one which you can literally get everywhere, but I really hope that one day I will own a pair of them too. The shoes are probably not everyone´s taste but they caught my eye and I´m so getting them when I´m going shopping. I have seen them a lot recently on Instagram, Twitter, ... and I just love them so much already, definitely my dream shoes this year. The best for last, the Mulberry Effie Satchel is my ultimate favourite bag and will probably be on my wishlist forever and I´m so jealous of everyone who owns this bag, it is just a simple black satchel but I just LOVE it. What´s on your wishlist? What are your must-haves for this summer? Leave me a comment :)
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