Back To School Outfits - Polyvore Style

 Monday: Shirt - New Look | Pants - Zara | Denim Jacket - Zara | Bag - H&M | Shoes - Converse
 Tuesday: Shirt - TopShop | Flannel - Vero Moda | Pants - Zara | Bag - TopShop | Shoes - Converse
 Wednesday: Top - Primark | Cardigan - Zara | Jeans - TopShop | Bag - Zara | Shoes - Converse
 Thursday: Pullover - Mango | Jeans - TopShop | Bag - TopShop | Shoes - Converse
Friday: Top - Urban Outfitters | Pants - Zara | Bag - Zara | Shoes - Converse

Hey everyone! Since I´ve been enjoying and using Polyvore quite often recently, I decided to make a blog post in a Polyvore style, which means I lay out my clothing items on a surface and arrange them as I would with a Polyvore Set, and this is also a great way to show of every item. I thought this would be a fun and different blog post to give you some inspiration on what to wear if you go back to school or work or if you just search for some everyday Outfits. I think the most important thing for a week at school or work is to  keep the Outfits as comfortable as possible since going back to school also means that you have to walk around for a long time, that´s why I choose for every Outfit my white converse. I have created some more Back To School Outfits on my Polyvore which you can find here . I really hope you liked today´s post.
See you soon, bye xx



What I Got In London - Fashion

Hey everyone! Today´s post is the last post on my kinda "London Series" and it´s the post where I wanted to show you all which Clothes I got on my Trip! :)
 This is the "Green Floral Print Drop Pocket Kimono" from New Look, I thought it looked pretty cool and I was in the mood to buy something floral and I think it will be perfect to wear in spring with white jeans or something like that.
 This is the "Cooperative Lace Pintuck Blouse" from Urban Outfitters. When I saw this blouse, I instantly had an idea on how to wear this that´s why I just had to buy it.
 This is the "Lace Hem T-Shirt" from New Look. It´s just a simply t-shirt, with some cute lace detailing at the bottom, which will look great with just some simple black jeans and a denim jacket.
 This is the "Grey Boucle Slouchy Jumper" from River Island. I love this jumper, simply because it´s really cosy and when you wear it, the front looks like a cropped jumper and the back like a simple jumper, I thought that this was actually really cool. 
 This is a simple black V Neck Cami from New Look. I didn´t own a black cami before so when I saw this I had to buy it, hahahah ;)
 This is the "Truly Madly Deeply Daisy Cropped Tee" from Urban Outfitters. I feel like almost everyone who likes UO, owns this t-shirt. It´s so simple and cute and would look really nice with just some denim shorts.
 This is the "Long Sleeved Neppy Hoddie" from TopShop. I only had a purple hoodie from H&M before and since this obviously doesn´t go well with everything, I bought this simple cosy grey hoodie :)
This is the "Fur Pom Scarf" from Miss Selfridge. Last winter I didn´t really wear scarfes, simple because I didn´t have/found one that I really liked and one which would look good with almost everything, but this winter everything´s gonna change because I finally found a scarve that I´m in love with. It´s sooo cute I think :)

So, this was everything I got, it´s not as much as I expected to get but I´m very happy with my purchases anyway.I´m really sorry for the different lightings but I really hope you liked today´s post anyway and have a nice day :)
See you soon, bye xx



What I Got In London - Beauty

Hey everyone! How I said in my previous post, I will show you all what I got on my trip to London! This post is just about the makeup stuff, but there will be another post about all the clothing I got in London! :)
The first thing I got was the Eos Lip Balm in Pomegranate Raspberry. It has a really intense smell, but that´s a good thing since it´s smells amazing!! My lips are also really soft afterwards! 
Then I got the Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer in Warm Medium. I haven´t tried it yet, but I have heard only good things about it, so I´m really excited to try it out. The only thing that´s a bit strange, is that it smells alot like plastic.
The next thing is the Maybelline Baby Skin. It´s the first Pore Eraser that I ever got and I just tried it yesterday and I really liked the finish, my skin felt sooooo soft after applying it.
Then I got the Real Techniques Blush Brush. It´s just a basic brush that I sadly didn´t have before, but now I have it and I´m probably going to use it to apply bronzer as well, since it has a great shape for that.
The next thing is the Rimmel Stay Matte Powder in Transparent. Everyone uses this powder, whether youtuber or blogger and since I can´t get my hands on it in Germany, my trip to London was a very welcoming opportunity to buy it.
I also got the Bourjois Délice de Poudre Bronzing Powder. I got this bronzing powder in the lightest shade they had since I´m normally really pale and I didn´t wanted it to look unnatural. Oh, and a big plus for that powder is the fact that it looks AND smells like chocolate, like is there anything better than that?!
One thing I really wanted to get was the Sleek "Blush By 3" Palette. It´s basically a cream blush palette, I don´t have any cream blushes yet, so I thought why do I not just get this pretty thing? ;) My palette is called " Californ.i.a " and the blushes are called (from left to right) OC ; The Surf ; Newport Peach.
My absolute favourite thing I got is the MAC Eyeshadow in "All That Glitters". I think it´s a basic MAC product, since everyone who owns something from MAC also owns this pretty glittery eyeshadow. I´ve thought if I should buy it or not for avery long, but I definitely don´t regret this purchase.
So, this was everything I got, I´m really happy about my purchases. I really hope you liked today´s post :)
See you soon, bye xx



A Week in Photos #1 - London 2014

Hey everyone! Last week I went on a trip to London.It was amazing, I really enjoyed it and also bought a lot of cute clothes and makeup (a blog post on what I got will be following). Of course I also took a lot of photos and thought that I would share my favourite ones with you all. These were taken by my phone so I´m really sorry if their quality is not the best.
Hard Rock Cafe
St. James Park
The London Eye
Houses of Parliament & Big Ben
The view from the Tower Bridge
A typical Londoner Telephone Box
Westminster Abbey
Thanks for reading or better looking at my pics and I hope you enjoyed this different kind of post!
See you soon, bye xx



Eleanor Calder Makeup Tutorial

Hi everyone! Today is the day of my first Makeup Tutorial! How you can read above it´s for an Eleanor Calder Look, for everyone who doesn´t know who she is, she is Louis Tomlinson´s ,of One Direction, Girlfriend. She is one of my Fashion Idols (you should definitely check her out, her style is fab!) and she wears a really natural and easy makeup look that´s why I choose her. The Picture of me above is the finished Look and here is the tutorial to it:

Step 1: The first thing you gonna do is apply your foundation.If you want to have about the exact look as Eleanor it´s important to use a light foundation, which also doesn´t look very cakey on your skin. The one that I used is the Maybelline "Super Stay Better Skin Makeup".

Step 2: Apply Concealer under your eyes, around your nose and on any blemishes and red spots you have. I used the Maybelline "Fit Me" Concealer, it has a really brightening effect, just like the one Eleanor normally uses.

Step 3: The next thing I did was fill in my eyebrows, for that I used the "Eyebrow Set" from Catrice. I used the lightest colour, because it should look as natural as possible.
Step 5: Eleanor doesn´t use much eyeshadow on a daily-basis but I didn´t want to put nothing on, that´s why I used the eyeshadow in the middel row on the right, from my NYX "Love in Paris" Palette.

Step 6: Of course you can´t forget about the Mascara. I used the L´Oreal "False Lashes Butterfly" Mascara. A tiny layer of Mascara should be enough, your eyelashes just shouldn´t look clumpy. 

Step 7: Eleanor likes to go for a bronzed look, that´s why I used my bronzer under my cheek bones on my temples, a bit all around my face and on my neck.
Step 8: To make the look to a more everyday makeup, Eleanor uses the TopShop cream blush. Sadly I don´t have a cream blush that´s why I just used a normal powder blush from Catrice.

Step 9: The last things you´re gonna do is apply your powder to settle your makeup and just use some lip balm on your lips.

So that´s it, that was my first makeup tutorial! I really hope you enjoyed it, leave me a comment below if you did :)
See you soon, bye xx



My Shoe Collection

 Hey everyone, today I wanted to show you all my little shoe collection. I divided it in 5 different categories, so it´s a bit more clear. Let´s get started ;)

1. Categorie: Flats
 Left: Forever 21 (sold out)
Right: TopShop (sold out)

2.Categorie: Strappy Sandals
 Left & Right: Primark

3.Categorie: Leather Optic Sandals
 Left: Zara (sold out)
Right: H&M

4.Categorie: Boots
Left: Deichmann (sold out)
Right: Topshop (sold out)

5.Categorie: Sneakers

So, these were all of my shoes how I said before I just have a few but I´m planning on getting more soon, especially when I´m in London next week! What are your favourite pair of shoes that you own? and should I do another LookBook for the time when I´m in London? Leave me a comment below.
See you soon, bye xx

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