Styling Chelsea Boots

Hey everyone! How you may have already know, it´s now officialy fall, which means it´s time to wear cozy oversized jumpers, drink lots of tea and hot chocolate, lit your favourite candles and probably the most important thing, if you don´t want to freeze of your feet, change your footwear from sandals and loafers to boots.It depends on you, if you´re going for this years trend, the "over-knee"- or the studded boots or if you are going to do it like me and wear the timeless trend: Chelsea Boots.
And this is what today´s post is about, how to style Chelsea Boots.
Here are a few ways to wear my favourite fall piece:
Unbenannt #501

Unbenannt #475

Unbenannt #381

Unbenannt #524

Unbenannt #525

Unbenannt #525 by laurak99 featuring high-waisted skinny jeans

What kind of boots are you going to go for this fall? 
See you soon, bye xx

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MAC "All That Glitters" Review

Hey everyone! With school starting again, and me being stressed out about it, I have finally found some time to took some pictures and do a review of the MAC "All That Glitters" eyeshadow. 
So, first of I have to say I was sooo excited to purchase my first MAC eyeshadow, I bought it when I was in London and I didn´t took it out of it´s package until I was back home, because I was so scared that I would let it fall and break, hahaha.
That was the embarrasing part of this review and now comes the more serious part ;)
There was or still is such a big hype about this eyeshadow, I think mainly because of YouTubers like Tanya Burr and Zoella using it all the time in their videos, and I have to admit they were also a big influence for me to buy this .
"All That Glitters" looks to me like a really beautiful shimmery rose gold shade, that brightens up the eyes. It´s a good colour for a one eyeshadow simple everyday eyemakeup look. It´s nicely pigmented, but not hugely because of it´s shimmery finish, you don´t need to put a lot on your brush to get a nice amount on your lids.
Because I have quite oily eyelids, I have to apply an eyeshadow base to my lids before I can apply the eyeshadow, and I´m actually really happy with the lasting, of course I doesn´t look as good in the afternoon as in the morning, but I don´t think that you actually need to reapply it throughout the day! But I have also read that, on other people, the eyeshadow lasts on the lid just for 3 to 4 hours, so I think it depends on how you "prepare" your eyelids before you put the eyeshadow on!
All in once I´m really happy with this eyeshadow and would definitely recommend and purchase it again and again.
What´s your favourite MAC eyeshadow at the moment? xx



3 Things I couldn´t live without - TeenBlogsUnite

Hey everyone! A while ago, I decided to join "TeenBlogsUnite" it´s a project, set up by two girls called Lauren and Chloe, which aim is to promote teen bloggers. This project is going to happen through the whole year, and each person who takes part in it will be posting a themed blog post, which has their own personal twist in it. Sounds like a lot of fun to me, if it does for you too, then you can click here or here for more information on how to get included, and here if you want to have a look at the dates and topics of the upcoming blog.

This blog post is the first of the whole project and we were told to talk about 3 things we couldn´t live without, and here are mine:
The first thing I could NEVER EVER live without is my iPhone. I think it was pretty obvious that I just had to include my loved phone in this post. There is barely anything that I do or places where I go without having my phone with me. I also think I don´t need to say a lot about why this is one thing I couldn´t live without, haha :)

The next thing I couldn´t live without is my Tangle Teezer. I recently bought this and definitely don´t regret spending almost 20€ on it. It´s a lifesaver because, you can just go really easily through your hair with it when it´s wet or when you just got out of bed (just to name a few of the worst times to comb your hair) without having tangles in it. It´s also very handy and fits in every makeup bag, so I have only one word to describe it: PERFECT.

and the last thing I couldn´t live without is my Foundation Brush. I also added this one to my brush collection not so long ago and I really can´t believe why this wasn´t one of the first brushes I got! It makes applying foundation SO much easier. The foundation looks evener and you don´t have most of the foundation on your fingers, how you do when you use your hands to apply foundation. 

So, this were the 3 things I couldn´t live without :) What are your 3 (or more) things you couldn´t live without?
See you soon, bye xx



Fashion Week SS15

Sweater - H&M
Leather Jacket - H&M
Jeans - Zara
Cut-Out Boots - TopShop
Bag - Mango

Hey everyone! How you may know Fashion Week is currently holding place in New York and also very soon in London. That´s why I thought that I would show you all what I would be wearing if I would attend fashion week.
So, I´m wearing a very cute layered sweater from H&M, and I saw a girl wearing this one on the street and thought I HAVE TO GET THIS! Apparently this day was my lucky day because, right after I saw her, I went to H&M and found exactly the same sweater, haha :)
Over that I´m wearing a casual black leather jacket that I would just throw on if it gets colder. Then to my jeans, I actually wouldn´t wear skinny jeans to Fashion Week because they could get really uncomfortable, that´s why I choose my loose fitted jeans from Zara, and they are ripped, which is always a go-to opinion.
To add a more edgy look to my Outfit I choose my black leather optic cut-out boots.
Then to my bag, I would take this bag with me because, you can just put it on your shoulder, it´s not very big so you don´t bump other people with it when it get´s more crowded, and it can fit all necessary things like your phone and maybe a small camera.
What would you wear to Fashion Week? 

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Room Tour

Hey everyone! So last weekend I made a very needed trip to ikea because I wanted to redecorate my room a bit! I went for a bit more girly, which means I bought a lot of white and cream things but also some pink items (bed clothing, pillows, ...). Here are some photos of my room:
 This is my very loved wardrobe, I already have it for some time now therefore I forgot from where it is!
 My new bed that I just got recently from a local store! The bed clothing is from ikea, the furry pillow and the white blanket is also from the local store and the other two pillows are from ikea aswell. 
 I transformed my desk to a dressing table and one thing that of course shouldn´t be missing is the mirror! I got this white one with some cute detailing around it from Amazon!
 I´m so excited about my also new shoe shelf, now I have all of my shoes (these ones aren´t my only ones there are some more in the hallway) in my room :) I´ve got this one from ikea.
 Here is my door with a lot of 1D posters, hahaha, and some of my bags! I´ve got this thing at the top of my door (I´m sorry, I really don´t know what it´s called) from ikea. You should search for it in the bathroom section, if you want to get it too.
 Now back to my dressing table. I got this set of 3 cardboard boxes, to keep all my makeup stuff organised, also from ikea.
 Here on my shelf, you can find all of my jewelry, sunglasses, one of my body fragrances from Hollister, some books and dvd´s and my nail polishes and a cute lamp which is also from ikea :)
 To keep all of my favourite memorys, photos etc. i got this chalkboard from my mum, but you can one of this almost everywhere!
I think almost everyone owns one or more of these tealight cups from ikea, I got this one in white, to keep all my makeup brushes, and in pink, for my pencils and stuff like that, and I also got a bigger version of the white one for my bath bombs. Oh, and I also recently got my first tangle teezer, best purchase in my life!
 The last thing I got from ikea is this lattern, where you can put a tealight in. I thought it was just the cutest thing ever!

That was everything I got! What kind of theme do you have your room decorated in? 
I really hope you liked today´s post :)
See you soon, bye xx



Bye, bye Summer!

Blouse - Urban Outfitters
Jeans - Zara
Denim Jacket - Zara
Scarf - Miss Selfridge
Chelsea Boots - H&M

Hey everyone! Summer is sadly coming to an end and autumn is starting, that´s why it´s the perfect time to post an Autumn inspired Outfit. I choose my newly bought Blouse from UO, which has a cute little collar and some detailing along the buttons, together with my also new high-waisted black jeans from Zara, and over this I wore my Zara Denim Jacket. For now it's just a casual simple Outfit, but of course there had to be an accessoires. I bought this scarf when I was in London and I immediately fell in love with it, it can be worn in winter and of course in autumn too, these little fluffy balls makes the scarf look even more comfortable and cuter. And now we come to my absolute favourite item in this Outfit, my Chelsea Boots. They are an autumn must-have! I have to admit, I'm a bit late with them since they are an autumn top item since a few years already, but whatever, I have them now and I loooooove them!  What are your autumn must-haves? 
See you soon, bye xx

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