Hey everyone :) This is my very first Q&A. I asked you through Instagram to send in questions and of course I was really excited when the first few questions came in, there are not a lot but I really enjoyed answering the few I got!

1. Favourite Foundation?
I haven´t tried that many foundations, just a few from the drugstore and the Studio Fix Foundation from MAC, which is compared to the others my favourite! It lasts all day, has a nearly complete matte finish and it blends so well :)

2. What is your favourite place that you have travelled to and why?
Ugh, that´s a hard one! I´ve been to some really beautiful places but my favourite has to be either New York or London! Both are places that I just HAVE to visit again :)

3. What tips do you have for newbie bloggers?
Never expect too much at the start! I was like that when I first started blogging and compared my "few-days-old" blogs with bigger ones and actually thought that I would receive loads of followers and emails after posting my first few posts, it obviously wasn´t how I imagined it would be, haha :)

4. What´s your favourite Mascara?
Just as foundation I haven´t tried that many mascaras before, but the one that gives me loads of volume (just how I like it) is the Astor Big & Beautiful Style Mouse Mascara. The finish and even the rose gold packaging is a total winner for me :)

5. What´s your favourite eyebrow pencil?
I´m more of a brow powder kind of person, so I sadly haven´t tried any eyebrow pencils yet. I prefer the natural look for my brows and just think I would be too harsh with a pencil :)

6. What´s your skin type?
Recently I tend to have really dry skin around my forehead and nose, which is probably only because of the cold weather here in Germany. During the rest of the year though, I have combination/oily skin :)

7. What´s your daily skin care routine?
I only apply the Body Shop Vitamin E moisture cream for the day! It´s really cooling and refreshing but I put a lot more effort in my nightly skin care routine, which will have a blog post dedicated to it very soon :)

8. What´s the one product you couldn´t live without?
Probably my moisturizer that I use in my nightly skin care routine! My skin would be horrible without it :(

9.What was your first high end makeup item purchased by YOU?
It was the MAC "All That Glitters" eyeshadow, I bought it when I was in London in the Westfield´s MAC store :) I still love it and I´m really happy with the glittery result it gives :)

10. If you could be a Makeup Artist for anyone famous, who would it be?
This has to be my favourite questions, it´s a really hard one though! I think I´d definitely want to be the makeup artist of a female famous person, maybe Kim Kardashian? haha :)

11. Who are some of your favourite bloggers?
I have quite a few blogger that I really enjoy reading recently! A few are Zoe Sugg from Zoella, Rebecca from FromRoses, Holly from Blommin´Rouge, Olivia from oliviaericaryanxo, just to name a few :)

Feel free to answer the questions I just answered in the comments below :)
Really hope you enjoyed my first Q&A!
Lots of love xxx



My Experience with: Benefit´s Brow Bar

About 2 weeks ago I was finally brave enough to get my eyebrows waxed and tinted at my local Benefit counter and I decided to share my experience step-by-step for anybody who is either considering going or who are looking for a fix for their eyebrows :)

I was very lucky to get my eyebrows done without making an appointment, which was probably just because there weren´t a lot going on but I would definitely recommend to call them and actually make an appointment. 
I didn´t pluck my brows myself about 1 1/2 weeks before I went there which was extremely hard for me, but it is a rule of the Benebabes and I followed this rule ;)
You should probably do this too, otherwise it will probably be a waste of money, simply because there aren´t any hair that they could wax ;)

As soon as I arrived it got started, my hair was clipped back and the skin around my brows was creamed with a cooling, disinfectant balm.

To be honest I never wanted to get my brows tinted, but the Benebabes convinced me with saying that my brows will look more defined and I wouldn´t have to fill them in afterwards, those are very convincing aspects if you ask me ;)

1. They applied vaseline around my brows so that the skin around them doesn´t get tinted too!
2.Then the colour was mixed together. They will stirr a extra-special colour mixture, that fits your skin and hair colour perfectly :) (I have light brown hair and got my brows tinted in a medium/light brown)
3.The tint was applied generously and the colour around the brows was wiped away. The tint on my actual eyebrow lasted for about 3 minutes there :) 
4.After those 3 minutes the whole tint was carefully wiped off and everything that was left over were my perfectly tinted brows!

And then we finally got rid off the unnecessary hair around my brows, Whoop Whoop!

1.The warm wax was firstly applied between my brows, and then all around my brows again, with a wooden stick (that looks like a popsicle stick, haha). The wax wasn´t too hot so it actually felt pleasant and the skin between my brows never felt SO soft!
2.The hair where the wax was just applied were then removed with a fast tug. It really didn´t hurt as much as I imagined, I promise! 
3.The hair that wasn´t removed was then plucked with the tweezers (which was more painful than the wax!)
4. After the whole procedure was done, there was again applied a cooling, soothing balm around my brows to hold back the redness.

One of the special service of Benefit is to refresh the customer´s makeup afterwards. I was just wearing minimal makeup, so the lovely girl who was doing my brows only applied their BOING Concealer around my Brows to even everything out :)

I am impressed! For me it was the very first time getting my eyebrows waxed and I thought it would hurt a lot more! It was a great experience and for a price of 21€ for waxing and 15€ for tinting (which you´ll have to do only once or twice, because it stays for quite a long time) it´s definitely something I would recommend for anyone who is as lazy as me when it comes to plucking brows, haha! 
I seriously can´t wait to come back and get them done again :)

(Here is a Before/After picture of my brows. Afterwards they just look fuller, more defined and have a lovely shape! I forgot to take pictures right after I got home so I´m sorry, I will update those pics the next time though)

A big fat thank you to the Benebabes at the Benefit Counter at Douglas in Munich! xx
Have you ever been to the Benefit Brow Bar? Share your experience with me! :)



Blog Interview with Rebecca

After a very long pause of blog interviews, I finally had the chance to interview another one of my favourite bloggers! :) This time I interviewed the lovely Rebecca from "From Roses", I´ve been following her blog for some time now and she literally never let me down, whether it comes to her content or her amazing pictures. She´s one of those blog, that get you all excited when they update and also only post interesting posts that you enjoy to read :)
1. Why did you start blogging?
It was during my summer before my third year of university and I just wanted a place to be able to write more about the things that I was currently loving and doing, over time it progressed into more of a beauty blog.

2.What do you enjoy most about it?
The creative freedom that you have with blogging is incredible, I find it incredibly fulfilling and I love getting to know like minded people.

3. What are your go-to makeup products at the moment?

4. What´s the best beauty tip you have ever received?
Change your pillowcases regularly if you´ve got spot prone skin.

5. What´s your favourite fashion trend at the moment?
The worst question to ask me ha, I´m not a follower of fashion trends at all so I´m just going to say something I´m enjoying which are camel coats.

6. Lipstick or Lipgloss?

7. What´s the best makeup product you have ever bought?
YSL Le Teint Touche Eclat

8. Are there any products that you would never ever repurchase?
I can´t think of anything off the top of my head apart from possibly the Butter London polishes because they´re not worth the price at all.

9. What are the top 3 thing on your bucket list?
Go to Copenhagen, Live in Paris and Have a office for "A Little Opulent". 

10. What are you most looking forward in 2015?
Being able to push myself further with work and seeing what happens with my blog and I´m just generally excited about life this year :)

This was the whole interview, I really hope you enjoy these interviews as much as I do and don´t forget to hae a look at Rebecca´s Blog :)
Lots of love xxx



Naked 2 Palette: Valentines Day Inspired Makeup

Valentines Day is right ahead of us, and whether you´re going on a date with your boyfriend or you´re just going out with some of your friends, this Look will definitely suit every occasion :). Before I get fully started I just want to apologise for some blurry pictures :( Don´t know what was wrong with the camera, but whatever!
 Products I used:
Rimmel Stay Matte Powder in Transparent
Catrice Defining Blush in 020 Rose Royce
Tanya Burr Lipgloss in Afternoon Tea

The Base:
1. Having oily skin adds the need of applying primer to my daily routine. The `TBS Instablur Primer` is a really good one, it helps my foundation to stay on the whole day, controlles shine for 12h, reduces appearance of pores, and alot more wonderful things.
2. Then I applied my MAC Studio Fix Foundation in NC15. It covers my skin very well, but doesn´t dry it nor does it look cakey.
3. I recently changed my "concealer routine" , the Fit Me Concealer in 10 is too dark for my pale skin, so I had to add the EverFresh Concealer in Light Beige. Those both together look very nice and add a lovely light beige glow to my under-eye area.
4. To make everything last the whole day I powdered my face with the Rimmel Stay Matte Powder in Transparent
5. It wouldn´t really be Valentines Day suitable, if I wouldn´t add some rosy cheeks, and to add this I applied the Catrice Defining Blush in 020 Rose Royce.

The Eyes:
How the post title says the only thing, that I´m using for this eyemakeup look is the Urban Decay Naked 2 Palette.
1. The first colour I used was Tease and I applied it all over my crease, using the Real Techniques Base Shadow Brush, and don´t use too much, less is more sometimes! :)
(the best way to do this is to keep your eyes open, because your skin moves when your eyes are closed and you obviously have your eyes opened the whole day ;)

2. Then I used the colour YDK and applied it all over my lid using the shadow brush end  that comes with the palette.

3. And the last colour you´ll need is Chopper, which you apply to the inner and outer corner of your eyelid to brighten up your eyes :)
To apply this I also used the brush that comes with the palette, but this time I used the other end.

(This is an older picture, but it shows quite good how the eyemakeup look should look like in the end)
4. To finish the eyemakeup off, you can add eyeliner (but that´s up to you), Mascara and some brow gel or powder whatever you use :)

And the eyes are done!

The Lips:
The last week I added two new lip productes to my little collection and how you can see it´s a MAC Frost Lipstick in Angel, which is a really pinky nude colour, and I also got the Tanya Burr Lipgloss in Afternoon Tea, I watch Tanya´s channel weekly and when she announced that she´ll launch a beauty collection I was very excited, long story cut short, I finally ordered this rose glossy lipgloss from amazon :)

1. Firstly I applied the MAC Lipstick and then abit of Lipgloss all over the lips to make them look glossy and kissable ;)

And this is the full Makeup Look :) It´s basically just a glittery-pink eye makeup, with light rose cheeks and a pink-nude glossy lip :) 
I really hope you enjoyed this tutorial and will have a lovely Valentines Day, no matter with whom you spend it! 
Lots of love xxx

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