New Years Eve Party Makeup

New Years Eve Party Makeup
It´s crazy to think that we´re saying goodbye to 2016 tomorrow!
The last party of the year is therefore just right around the corner and I´ve roughly started planning what I´m gonna wear and how my makeup is gonna look like.
I find this last look of the year needs to be the best, you are not only ending a year but also starting a year as best looking as you can, and that´s what I tried to achieve with this look...



What I Got For Christmas 2016

What I Got For Christmas 2016
What I Got For Christmas 2016
What I Got For Christmas 2016What I Got For Christmas 2016
Unbelievable how fast the Christmas time has passed.
It feels like yesterday, when all the christmas campaigns started being shown on TV, and we baked cookies at home.
Christmas times means also loooots of presents, whether giving or recieving.
And now I´m really excited to see what everyone got.
I was very pleased with mine, and am absolutely grateful for the few things that I got :) Leave the links to your posts or videos in the comment.



Christmas Day Makeup

Christmas Day Makeup
It´s Christmas Eve!
Even though I won´t be heading out tonight, I´ll try to put a bit effort into my makeup, I might not go for a full face tonight, but I definitely will give my best tomorrow for Christmas Day and that´s what I´ll be wearing...



LookFantastic Beauty Secret Advent Calender || Weekly Round-Up #2

Another week has passed and another 7 doors on my advent calendar were allowed to be opened. Looking back at it now, the last 7 doors were mainly about taking care of your skin and hair, together with two makeup products to make your eyes and lips stand out.
Besides that, this week doors contained a lot of brands that I barely/never heard of, which made it even more exciting for me.
Let me tell you, I definitely found some things I´m planning to repurchase.



#LFAdventCalendar || Week 1

Christmas is coming!
Not only eating lots of cookies, putting the christmas tree up, decorating the whole flat with festive decorations and listening 24/7 to christmas carols gets me in the right mood, but also opening the doors of my advent calendar every day excites me more and more for christmas.
I was lucky enough to actually get my hands on the best kept christmas secret this year, before it was sold out within a few hours.
The advent calendar I´m talking about is the LookFantastic TheBeautySecret Advent Calendar. The minute I saw it on Twitter, was the moment where I was sure that this was going to be the one I want to have this year.
From what I saw of reviews, was that I already was a big hit last year, including things like Molton Brown shower gel, San Tropez Instant Tan, Tangel Teaser, etc.
All in one it was a good mixture of more expensive things, that everyone could be curious about trying out.



The Rundown: NYX Liquid Lipsticks

NYX Liquid Lipsticks
NYX Liquid Lipsticks Swatches
(left to right: Butter Gloss in Toasted Marshmallow ; Soft Matte Lip Creams in San Paulo ; Copenhagen ; Abu Dhabi ; Tokyo ; Stockholm ; Full Throttle in Locked ; Lingerie in Push-Up)

Hello and welcome back!
I´ve been missing for a good while now (3 months to be exact), my life changed a bit and got a lot busier than it was before with me starting my apprentice ship and working full time, but that´s a topic I´ll talk about next.
Now I´ve come back because I´ve missed my little space on the internet.
I´ve missed sharing my love for makeup and beauty with you all so I couldn´t do anything else than come back and talk about my favourite makeup product at the moment, lipsticks!
I´ve started wearing them more often now and also wearing more vivid shades like plums or browns.
NYX has become my absolute favourite brand for all things lips, they have soooo many different ones with every colour you could possibly imagine.
My collection is not that huge yet but good enough to show it to you all anyways :)


Summer Saviours: Guest Post from Molly DayDreams

Hello everyone! 
My name is Molly and I run a little blog called Molly Daydreams.
Today I'm going to be guest posting and talking you through a few of the hottest products for Summer 2016.



Top Summer Lip Products: Guest Post from DellaLovesNutella

Della from DellaLovesNutella gladly sent me over this post of hers to use as a guest post for during my holidays :)
I´m really happy about it and hope you like it as much as I did!
All her links can be found at the very end of this post :)
Well hello to you my reader chums!
Sea salt hair, blue skies and forever memories, summer has to be my favourite season. With the care free attitude and endless adventures, makeup takes a back step. I use the warmer months to allow my skin to breathe, wearing lighter coverage, and glowy highlight, leaving emphasis on the lips.
Caking up your face with makeup is the last thing you need in summer when the heat is at its highest. With the increase of sweating, a higher coverage of makeup will clog up your pores, making a break out more likely – not something you want when taking those important summer holiday snaps. It’s time then to pucker up, go bold and put your statement lips on show! Natural skin, a couple of coats of mascara and striking orange lips are my favourite look on a summers day.
From bold oranges to your typical nude, I vary it up throughout this season; here are my top options:

Mac’s Lady Danger (21€)

Orange lip lovers, this is a staple you need in your life especially in the summer time! If you’re heading to a BBQ, party or evening affair, the pop of colour will complete any time of outfit. Out of all Mac’s formulations, I find the matte ones to be my favourites, seeing me through every season. With long lasting power, a strong pigment of colour and opaque finish, what’s not to love? ‘Lady Danger’ I’d describe as a bright orangey-red, the fiery shade that screams fun. It’s truly versatile and I can wear it for a variety of occasions, yet summer time is the favourite period to pop it on.

Revlon’s matte balm in ‘Audacious’ (11€)

Bronzy tans, dewy skin and a lick of mascara, this lip product is one that completes the perfect natural summer look. ‘Audacious’ is a luminous orange (not as scary as you think), brighter than ‘Lady Danger and suits slightly warmer skin tones. I find this works with my complexion best on holiday when I’ve achieved a bit of a tan and my skin has that ‘summer glow’. The formulation is incredible, despite the ‘matte status’, feeling completely creamy upon application and doesn’t leave the lips dry.  Holding a peppermint scent, application is soft and the product settles on the lips like nothing has been applied. The lasting power is faultless, sticking to the lips through drinking and eating – a beautiful statement colour you need this summer.

Topshop’s ‘Rio Rio’ Lipstick (10€)

A dupe to ‘Lady Danger’, the Topshop lipstick in ‘Rio Rio’ is a top summery shade. In comparison, wearing power isn’t as long, however I find this lipstick to be more moisturising on the lips with a slight glean over the matte finish. The pigment is a tad orangeier and its formulation is velvety when applied; a staple orange shade to suit any skin tone.

NYX´s Soft Matte Lip Cream in ‘Stockholm’ (7€)

After jumping on the Nyx matte lipstick hype, I’ve fallen in love with the nude shade ‘Stockholm’, an everyday colour which matches with an array of looks. On days where I didn’t want to go too dramatic or bold with my lip options, I’ve opted for this nude choice. It gives an extra bit of warmth to the makeup look without looking too over the top for a natural face. The colour I would describe as a brown toned, dusky pink and the consistency applies buttery, yet sets matte. When the product has dried, the finish is completely matte but again like the other lipsticks I’ve mentioned aren’t drying on the lips. I’m truly impressed by the wear, formulation and overall colour pay off – a definite must have.

Nivea lip balm (2€)

Last but not least is a simple clear lip balm. When the warmer months hit, moisturising is essential even on your lips. I always carry around a lip balm, in particular this Nivea option because one it holds a sweet, fresh scent, two hydrates my lips and also gives the loveliest clear sheen upon application. Nivea products are the best at summer time because the scent is completely clean, nothing too sickly in the beaming heat.
I hope you enjoyed my top summer lips products post! What’s your go to lipstick?
Thank you for reading  <3 font="">


Three Blushes Perfect for Summer: Guest Post from Iridescentplaces

Another lady that I´m really excited to have on my blog is Caroline from Iridescentplaces!
I absolutely love her blog and it´s definitely worth a follow so don´t miss out :)

Choosing a blush for Summer is definitely one of the hardest tasks for me. I'm always looking for a shade that compliments my skin tone and one that actually stays on in the heat. This means I tend to go for very pink/peach shaded blushers and I've got three which are a must to have in your collection!



Lancomé Grandióse Eyeliner Review: Guest Post from Polished Couture

This time the lovely Beth from Polished Couture was kindly enough to guest post on my blog while I´m away in the sun :)
I really hope you enjoy reading this post and as always check out her social media and blog below! Xx
Could this be the easiest Liner I've tried? Lancome's new release from the Grandiose collection has us all 'flicking'...
This little gem arrived in my post about a month ago, I had no idea what I was receiving but it was such a surprise to  see their newest eyeliner. With smudge-proof and long wear abilities, I was intrigued to see how this would match up with other liners on the market.
Not gonna lie, it was years ago since the last time I'd used liquid eyeliner. I just find them very temperamental and always opt for more gel (Benefit) or felt (S&G) liner for an easy application. Liquid liners tend to take longer to dry, easily smudge and don't seem to give the desired winged effect. However...
The Lancome Grandiose Liner has an innovative pivot liner and ibendable wand, this is such a clever product! The liner is flexible and bends to different angles and allows you to create a line right to the root. With the matte finish, it dries really quick and lasts ALL day and I mean alllll day.
Some liners you need to touch up through the day to keep it black but this 01 - Noir Mirifique shade is perfect.
As you can see, this liner gives the perfect precise eyeline with the thin tip. The matte finish gives a highly pigmented formula but there is a little downfall to this magnificent product.
For £23 you only get a little amount of product and after a months use, I'm finding myself dipping into the pot more to get the liquid. Just like high-end mascaras, this product seems to dry up pretty quick. It's still giving the same finished look from the first application to say 10 applications later, but in terms of long-lasting - you may find you'd have to purchase more of this than other liners.
Hands up, it's definitely one of the best liners I've tried to date and I've found it one of the easiest too. Would I purchase this again? Maybe as a splurge, but next time use this on more special occasions rather than a daily wear liner - it would run out too quick and that's just expensive.
Thank you Laura for letting guest post while your away! 
Have you tried this liner? Would you?



Top 5 Heatproof Bases: Guest Post from EmmysBeautyCave

Today´s guest blogger is Emmy from EmmysBeautyCave.
I really hope you like this post as much as I did and as always feel free to check out her links after you are done reading this one :)
We all know that feeling when it feels like our faces are melting, makeup sliding all over the place and looking a right mess! Heat proof bases are a must have for all of us no matter what our skin type is. I have tested many foundations being the foundation junkie I am, I currently own around 30 foundations... I dread to think how much money I have spent. I have found my perfect five heat proof foundations but all have something different about them.



My Evening Skincare Routine: Guest Post from British Beauty Addict

When you are reading this I´m already on a sandy beach somewhere in Croatia, and as I already said in the post before, I asked 7 bloggers to guest blog for me while I´m away.
The first one is Emily from "British Beauty Addict".
After reading this fab post of her, please check out her blog and social media´s which I linked down below :)

I've always been one to double cleanse in the evening, but I've never been particularly loyal to any particular set of products. But as of late my evening skincare routine has remained a constant and every evening I like to take 10 minutes or so to reset my skin; especially since starting my new job in London - sooty skin doesn't make for happy pores! So today I wanted to share my second part to my skincare trilogy; my evening skincare routine... 



My Prom Makeup + The Finished Look

Prom Makeup 1
It was prom night on Saturday, eeeeeek. I´ve been waiting for that night for soo long.
Of course I put a lot of thoughts in my makeup.
It shouldn´t look too cakey but natural, should last the whole night and especially through all the eating and drinking that was sure to happen that night.
The only solution was to use the best of the best, which are these lovely products.



Summer Lip Picks || Liquid, Lipstick & Lipliner

Summer Lip Picks
Summer means bright colours to me and even though I don´t opt for a lot of colourful powder and liquid products for my face, I like to bring the focus to my lips.
For my (sadly still) pale skin I prefer pink shades and that´s what today´s post is all about, I put my favourites from all kind of styles together and kinda present them to you, haha :)



Prom Mood Board + My Prom Dress

Prom Season is coming up and if you are anything like me then you don´t have the most time left until yours but still have no idea what to do with your hair or face.
If you actually can relate to that than this is the post that will help you out.



The Primer Edit || Winners & Losers

The Primer Tag Flatlay 1
Primer is a huge topic in my eyes. At this moment there are sooo many on the market, all from different price ranges and all with a different aim. 
Some promise to hide your pores, some give you a matte or glowy finish and some are just there to make your base products stick to your face all day.



Manhattan Contouring Kit* || Review & Swatches

*Post contains PR sample

How much time has passed since my last review? Way too long if you ask me, so it happens that me being lucky enough to get the opportunity to review the Manhattan Contouring Kit* fits just right in this blog´s schedule, haha.



What's On My Face || June 2016

June Favourites Flatlay 1
I couldn´t be happier to write this post today, as it means that I´m FINALLY done with my final exams, eeeeeek. The last few weeks have been very busy with revision and weekly tutoring lessons, leaving no time to concentrate on anything else.
I also wasn´t wearing a lot of makeup, or better when I was wearing makeup I´ve always been wearing the same and that´s what today´s post is about.
My makeup look for June consisted of a glowy bronzed base, natural brows and length-y lashes.



The Skincare Routine That Clears Combination Skin

Combination skin clearing skincare routine
I´m so glad to be able to write this post, as it means that I finally found a skincare routine that really makes a difference to my skin.
Skincare was for me, a few years ago before I started blogging, an complicated and maybe even a bit scary topic. I didn´t know which skin type I had, so I also had no idea which products I should get to keep my skin in a good condition.



Drugstore Makeup Sponges: Germany VS England

Drugstore Makeup Sponges: Germany VS England
Makeup sponges have become more and more a staple in the beauty world. I, personally love them a lot, it´s just way easiser to blend your makeup in, you won´t find any streaks on your face left, like you would if you´d use a brush, and I find that they are also a lot easier to clean.



How To Make It Through Your Finals Without Completely Stressing Out

How To Make It Through Your Finals Without Completely Stressing Out
Right before I sat down to finally write this post I was studying and revising for my finals which are coming up in 5 weeks. If you ask me I´d love to write them right now in this second, not because I love writing exams (is this even possible?) but because I finally want to have my life back, haha.



6 Drugstore Bronzers For Pale Skin || Review & Swatches

Bronzers are one thing that I enjoy to use throughout the whole year, together with a good blush it can make a huge difference to your whole look or just add a little special.
Especially for ghost pale skinned girls like me bronzers are literal life savers, transform me from a girl who looked like she has never seen the sun in her life to a girl who looks like she just came back from the Maledives and has spent every minute of it in the pure sun, sounds like something I could need right now, haha :)



5 Steps To Do The Night Before To Make Your Mornings Less Hectic

5 Steps To Do The Night Before To Make Your Mornings Less Hectic
Mornings just tend to be very hectic, probably not if you are a morning person who just loves to wake up extra early before the sun even goes up, if you are a bit more like me though, someone who has to set atleast 5 alarms and not even gets up in time then. Someone who goes back into the deepest sleep after hitting the snooze button and has to rush through the flat in a record time after realising I actually have to get up.
Someone who regrets being like that every morning again and again.



The Blush Tag

The Blush Tag || Manhattan, Sleek, L´Oreal, MaxFactor, Catrice, NYX, Revlon
Blushers can be the one addition to your daily makeup look that really makes a change. No matter what colour you choose, pink/coral/peach/..., it always adds a nice hint of colour that will definitely make your skin less tired and you, in general, just healthier and bette looking. In the last few months I´ve been getting a bit more into blush, so I thought I would do the Blush Tag, to simply give you all a round up of my favourite ones. As you can see above, I really don´t have that many blushers yet, so I thought it might be a good idea to also list products in the answers that I want to try or heard that they were really good products. I took all questions from the Makeup Sessions blog, as she had some quite good ones that I would love to answer too :)



What´s On My Face: April 2016

What´s On My Face: April 2016
What´s On My Face: April 2016
How is it already May? Time has flown sooo quick and so it´s again time for another post of my "What´s On My Face" series, in which I show you every month what makeup products I have worn throughout the past month. April was a month with a lot of weather strangeness, at the beginning it was still very cold, then towards the middle all of sudden it turned very warm with temperatures upto 20 degress or more and now towards the end we even had snow again, like what? How is my skin supposed to keep with that? 
I found it was reason enough to keep going with my minimalistic makeup look and only add some spring-y colours in it here and there :)



3 Empties And Their Similar/Dupe Replacements

Maybelline The Falsies Push Up Drama Mascara & the Benefit Roller Lash Mascara; Smashbox BrowTech To Go & NYX Micro Brow Pencil; Maybelline Baby Skin & Benefit The Porefessional Primer
Running out of your favourite products is a really horrible experience, but running out of high end products that you once got as a treat for yourself is something I don´t want anyone to experience (okay I´m being a little dramatic here). Anyway hitting pan or emptying your favourite products calls for starting the hunt for the ultimate similar that will hopefully be just as good as the "original" or is even better, but just for a fraction of the price.
I collected 3 products that I (nearly) ran out of and think I found quite good similars of (I upgraded on one product but you´ll see in a minute).



5 SEO Tips From A SEO Newbie

5 SEO Tips from a seo newbie Before I start with a hopefully helpful post, I wanted to let you all know why I missed out on a week of blogging. School is demanding my whole attention and motivation as my finals are coming up in June, and we are just writing our last exams in every other subject so I had to get prepared for 3 exams last week and 3 more are to come (plus a few short ones). I found a bit of time today to sit down and blog which I really needed to calm down again.



15 Motivational Quotes for When You're Feeling Down

15 Motivational Quotes for When You're Feeling Down
We all have these days where nothing seems to go right, we just feel strange, completely unmotivated and all we want to do is go home, crawl into bed and sleep the day away, am I right?
On these days it´s particulary nice to hear some motivational words that will get you up and moving again, and also give you the power to maybe even start something new, re-start or improve in something that you were too lazy to do in the past, in which it doesn´t matter whether you finally do so the following day, or keep these words in your head to remember why it´s worth to chase after your dreams.



The Birthday Makeup Edit

The Birthday Makeup Edit Close Up 1
The Birthday Makeup Edit Flatlay
It´s my birthday on the 7th of April, and guess what day it is tomorrow? Exactly, my birthday :) I´m really excited to turn 17 and be one step closer to being full age and being able to do a lot of fun stuff (I´m thinking about going clubbing until the morning hours, haha)
As tomorrow is just a normal school day for me I´ll keep my makeup for the day really minimal and go for my normal routine which consists of a bit concealer, mascara and doing my eyebrows.
For the late afternoon I´ll refresh my whole look a bit and add some eyeshadow, highlighter, blush and lipstick.
I´ve listed the products I used below :)



3 Shower Heroes That Keep My Hair Healthy & Skin Moisturized

flatlay, hair, shower, skincare, bodycare, showergel, duschgel, conditioner, spülung, pantene pro-v, original source, citrus, raspberry, vanille, himbeere, zitrone,
Another favourite thing of mine to do beside spending half of my money on makeup is, spending the other half on shower and bathing stuff like shower gels, bath bombs, conditioner, hair masks etc.
There is just something so satisfying in trying out new stuff, having nice and moisturized skin, shiny voluminous hair and just simply taking care of yourself, which is also important to be happy with your own self and for me the first step to being confident.
I´m currently trying out new shower products and this post is kinda being used to give you a small review of my 3 shower heroes.

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