5 Base Products For A Fresh & Glowy Complexion

Just because the weather is grey and dark most of the days, our skin doesn´t have to be the same way. In the winter I´m all about faking that natural glow for my face and making myself look more healthy and happy than I´m actually sometimes are.
Before you can add highlighter to make your skin extra glowy, you have to prepare your complexion and I´ve put together a few base products that come in really handy during the cold dull months...

Starting with primers.
The Benefit Porefessional Primer gives you the most perfect complexion you could ever imagine. Every pore is invisible after applying this primer. It doesn´t really add any glow to your face but definitely preps your skin for every more glowy foundation you decide to put on top of it.
I really like this primer aswell, because it feels really nice, light and velvet-y and of course holds what it promises.

I discovered the Monuskin BB Cream Illuminating Primer through the LookFantastic Advent Calendar and immediatly fell in love with it. As it says it´s a illuminating primer, so it leaves your skin feeling fresh and glowy, and since it´s also a BB cream you´re good to go wearing it on it´s own aswell. In comparison to the Benefit primer it only adds a hint of glow to your skin, but doesn´t hide any pores.
For a good prepared skin I would recommend to wear the Porefessional Primer everywhere, where you´re pores are the biggest and to the rest of your face the Monuskin Primer.

Now I´m coming to the foundation to put on top.
If you´ve only applied a primer, like the Porefessional, that doesn´t add any glow on it´s own, you´ll need to do that part with your foundation.
The L´Oreal Dream Cushion Foundation is one of the dewiest foundation I have ever tried! You´ll definitely need a makeup sponge to really get the full effect of it, but it´s so easy to blend that it is actually more fun to use a sponge than a brush. It feels very wet at first but dries down a bit, without losing it´s glow, even after a whole day at work I still have a fresh complexion. It has a light to medium buildable coverage.

The The Body Shop All-In-One BB Cream is really similar to the L´Oreal Cushion Foundation compared to the finish. When you squeeze it out of it´s tube, it´s a really watery white cream but once you´ve blended it, into your skin it adapts to your skin tone and also leaves a fresh feeling. It´s not as glowy as the L´Oreal Foundation but a lot lighter, so I like to use it in the winter when I´m not in the mood for a heavy foundation, but also in the summer when I need a light coverage.

When you´re more a fan of primers, like the Monuskin Illuminating Primer, you should preferably go for something less glowy in your foundation to not go overboard.
My absolute favourite foundation at the moment is the L´Oreal Perfect Match Foundation. It´s not a matte foundation but also not a glowy one, but rather adapts to whatever your skin and primer is like. It´s a dream to blend, doesn´t feel heavy at all and covers any blemishes perfectly even though it "only" has a medium coverage. I have even gone a shade darker as I normally am as it adapts so beautifully!

What are your key products for a fresh and glowy complexion?

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