A Week In Lipsticks #1

A Week In Lipsticks
I have a huge lipstick collection which I rarely get use of since I most of the time just stick to one lip product. To prevent that in the future, I´ve set an aim for myself to do these kind of posts more often and so I´m kind of forced to switch my lip colours throughout the week to make these posts as interesting for you as possible.

This week was all about nudes and dusty pinks. I find they add a lovely hint of colour to the whole look without putting the main focus to the lips. What I also love about subtle pink shades is that they blend away evenly so even when you drink or eat something you don´t have to worry about looking weird with the lipstick only sticking to the outer part of your lips anymore. Perfect for a whole week of working.

Monday: P2 Chubby Lipstick in Laura

A matte natural lip for the start of the week. Monday is definitely a day where I need a lipstick without a lot of effort. This shade is a "my lips but better" shade and can easily applied without a lipliner and even without having to use a mirror, haha.

Tuesday: Maybelline Vivid Matte Lipstick in Nude Flush

I´m a whole lot more motivated to take care of my lips on Tuesday. So I went for a more vibrant pink shade. The liquid lipsticks from Maybelline are definitely a good option, as the colour pay-off is really good, they dry down to a semi-matte finish while still leaving a comfortable feeling on my lips.
A Week In Lipsticks

Wednesday: MAC Angel

Wednesday was my day off this week and so I went for the most natural lipstick I own. This MAC lipstick is a satin finish, so it feels really soft on my lips and has a hint of shine and sparkle in it. The colour is, as I just said really natural, a really beautiful light pink shade that you could wear to literally every makeup look.

Thursday: KIKO Matte For You in 01 Sweety Rosy Mauve

My absolute favourite lipstick at the moment was used on Thursday. It´s just the perfect mauve shade, dries down to a matte finish and sadly also dries the lips out a bit, but the good part is that it´s also long lasting. I drink tea in the morning and this lipstick stays on nevertheless. Even though I loved the heart shaped of it, I´m glad I got it to a normal shape as it makes reapplying it a whole lot easier.

Friday: NYX Lingerie in Push-Up

If I´m feeling extra brave I´ll definitely reach for my NYX Lingerie Liquid Lipstick. Why brave? Well this shade of this NYX range grunges every look up. I could only wear a lot of mascara and a bit of bronzer and the whole look would get a lot more smokier with this lipstick, and sometimes that´s actually what I want. Again the colour pay-off is extremely good aswell as the lasting power. Perfect for drinking and eating throughout the day :)

I´m sorry I couldn´t tell you a lot detail about my week but I was at work the whole time, but I hope to make these posts more personal when I have the week off at some point.

What lipsticks did you wear throughout the week? 


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