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Benefit The POREfessional
Primer has become an important part in my daily makeup routine.
It can give you the most beautiful flawless finish, if you use the right one.
I´ve tried a couple ones over the last few months, from nearly the whole price range, means from drugstore primers to highstreet ones. 
Some have completely failed on me and some were okay/good. One has gone beyond my expectations though, and is for sure gonna stay in my makeup collection for a very long time.

The one I´m talking about here, is the Benefit The POREfessional.
It´s by far my absolute favourite primer ever, as it fills every wish I have and leaves my makeup looking gorgeous.
You all probably know that product but for those who don´t, it an oil-free, colour-free cream primer that contains Vitamine D, and should hide all your pores and fine lines and also keep your makeup in place the whole day.
Benefit The POREfessional Texture
As you can see from the picture above, it´s a kinda beige cream that feels thick before working it into your skin. Once you tap or spread it over your T-Zone, it adapts really well into the skin, is easy to blend, gets invisible and you´ll also not feel it anymore.
After applying foundation on top you´ll see that this primer works wonders!
I have the hugest pores around my nose and they dissapear completely! 
Now you could think, because of the finish, my pores get cloged but that´s not at all what happens, this product only fills them in and gets removed completely out of them when you take your makeup off in the evening. I never got any pimples because of this primer.
It also helps my makeup to stay in place for quite a good while, and keeps excess oil at bay as good as possible. With a dewy foundation I do need to re-powder my T-Zone, but with a matte foundation everything still looks presentable in the evening.

Benefit says for a softer flawless look, simply apply the POREfessional before and after your makeup, which I definitely need to try and report back to you.

With a price of 35€, it is for sure on the more expensive side, but so worth it. I´ve already purchased it two times which rarely happens as this tube lasts me a good few months and in that time span I normally find a product that I like more, but this primer is just perfection!

What is your favourite primer? Have you tried the Benefit POREfessional? What are your thoughts on it?


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