4 Peachy Summer Nudes

4 Peachy Summer Nudes

I´m a sucker for bold colours during the summer time, but sometimes, I´m sure you can all relate, it´s just soooo much more comfortable to wear nude shades.
Nude shades fade away aswell, but it´s not as obvious as when bold shades do and so you can enjoy your ice cream cone without having to worry about your lipstick only sticking to the edges, you all know what I mean, haha. I also absolutely love the versatile of nude shades and how easily they can compliment a pale skin tone, but also a nice tan skin.
For blush I adore a natural peachy shade that only adds a hint of colour and so adds that certain something to perfection the look and make me look sunkissed and more alive...

NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream in Stockholm

I´m a big fan of these Lip Creams in general, if you haven´t noticed by how often I mention them on here, haha.
This shade specifically, has quickly become one of my favourites over the last few weeks, it´s a gorgeous beige with a pink undertone that compliments my fairly pale skin perfectly. The Soft Matte Lip Creams are a dream to wear, very comfortable, very soft and velvety, doesn´t dry the lips out even after it has dried down to it´s matte finish.
 It´s one of those lipstick shades that you could wear to a heavy makeup look or just on a lazy day, where you only go for brows and mascara so all in one it´s perfect for the upcoming hot summer day.

L´Oreal Lip Paint Lacquer in 101 Gone with the nude

Now that we´ve got the matte lip lovers covered, we also need something more shiny and glossier to wear. I don´t own that many lip glosses as most of them are really sticky and are really bothering me in my everyday tasks, well this one from L´Oreal is completely different. The slightly bend applicator makes it really easy to re-apply this gloss on the go, the colour is really pigmented, which is unlike, for me, for a lipgloss, and like I already said it´s not sticky at all.
The colour is a more orange-y/peachy nude, a totally eye catcher for the summer and again, works very well with my skin tone. I like to wear this gloss when I´m on the go with white clothes as it adds that certain something that makes you look more put together and also a girly hint, which I really adore.

L´Oreal Perfect Match Blush in 160 Peach

I don´t reach for blush very often, I´m more of a bronzer girl, but if I do go for blush I prefer to go for settled colours that only put a bit of natural colour to my cheeks and make my skin look more alive. This blush does exactly that thing, and now that I´m talking about it, I can´t wait to use it more often again. It´s a really cute, highly pigmented blush, together with a hint of shimmer, it really puts a natural peachy glow to your face and stays on for such a long time, it´s crazy to think that this product is really from the drugstore. Another tip from me is to use this blush also on your eyes to make the peachy summer look complete...

Manhattan Cosmetics Contouring Kit in 001 St Tropez Glow

The last summer product is not really peachy but I just had to include it in this post as it reminds me so much of neapolitan ice cream, and that is pretty much summer for me, haha. Coming back to this palette now, it´s one of my favourites for traveling as you´ve got everything you could need in one product. 
The highlighter is absolutely lovely, very strong yet natural champagne glow with the tiniest bit of glitter. 
The bronzer has a bit of an orange undertone and seems to me like a caramel shade so 
it´s perfect to enhance your summer tan or atleast make you look like you´ve been on holiday recently, haha. 
The blush in this palette is a gorgeous deep, kinda oriental pink with small golden glitter particals that I like to use on holiday a lot as it also really compliments a fresh tan.

What are your favourite peachy summer nude products?


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