Smashbox Brow Tech To Go // Review

No matter how lazy I am in the morning, doing my brows is a fixed step in my morning routine, it´s making me feel more put together
It´s also a step that I really like doing, as it instantly changes my whole appearance and is just a nice relaxed start into a hectic day, especially if you have a brow pencil like the

Smashbox Brow Tech To-Go

It is by very far, my absolute favourite brow product ever!

Let´s start with the actual brow pencil.
The pencil is available in two different shades, taupe and brunette, I´ve gone for brunette even though my hair is dark blonde/light brown.
The shade taupe has a cold undertone to it, so I feel like it might work for people with blonde hair, on the other hand has brunette a warm undertone, which works suprisingly good with my hair and also helps me warm up my pale skin a bit.

The pencil is in the shape of a triangle, making it good to to use on both, the wider front of your brows, and the tail more precise.

The texture is really creamy and highly pigmented, you should be careful to not store it in a place where the sun will shine most of the time, I´m talking from my own bad experience now, the pencil will get really soft and it´s then hard to control how much colour you want to put on your brows. If the pencil is it normal condition though, it´s absolutely lovely to use, with a light-hand you can get a really natural but defined finish or if you want to go bolder on a night-out you can easily do that aswell.
It´s waterproof, normally I don´t like waterproof products for my brows, as I find it so hard to remove, but this product can easily be taken off with your everyday makeup remover!

For the other side of the pencil, there is a fixing gel included, together with a small brush. If I´m being honest I don´t use this side every often, as I find the pencil itself makes your brows already a bit stiffer and is enough for me, to keep my brows in place.
I have of course tried it before anyway, and I find you have to be careful with this gel as once it dries, it can make your brow hair really hard, but if you´re careful it is quite good, not the best fixing gel I have tried, but still good.

With a price of 25€ it definitely is more on the pricier side, but more than worth it!
One pencil lasts me a good 5 months, and I´m using it everyday.

Have you tried this product? Do you like it? What is your favourite brow product?


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