Travel Dairy #1: London, UK

About 2 months ago, I went on a little trip to London over the Easter weekend and I absolutely loved it! This city feels so familiar already, even though I´ve only been there twice. 
This time all we did was the tourist-y stuff, like a sightseeing tour with those huge buses, went shopping and just enjoyed strolling through London, especially through Hyde Park and Covent Garden, my two favourite places :)
 I really hope I get to come back soon and discover some more amazing places, but for now I can only show you some shots of things you´ve probably already seen a million times before, haha!
Hope you enjoy it anyway...

I´m hoping to do more "Travel Diary" posts in the future, for now my next trip will go to Rhodes, Greece, which I´m more than excited about as I´ve heard the city is an absolute dream and to be honest, I really need a few says on the beach to relax and get a bit tanned, haha :) Xx


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