A Spa Night At Home

A Spa Night At Home
It´s Friday and so tonight is finally the time to sit back and treat yourself to a littel "diy" Spa Experience at home, maybe enjoy a glass of wine with it, but the most important part is to do something good to your skin and hair. After styling my hair and putting makeup on every single day, they both definitely need a rest and need to be taken care of and so that´s what I like to do, using the following products...


I have already done a complete post, where I show which hair care products are the best for thick damaged hair (here), but one product I haven´t included in there was the Moroccanoil Treatment, simply because I don´t use this product on a weekly basis, but rather when I want to treat myself, like tonight. I was always curious about this brand in general and so when I received this product in my advent calender I was overly excited to try it out myself. It´s a very thick oily, which puts a lot of hydration, boosts shine, speeds up drying time and detangles hair. It smells really lovely, and I definitely feel an effect of healthy hair after one use.
A Spa Night At Home
A Spa Night At Home


Taking care of my skin is getting more and more fun for me as I finally found products that actually help me and make my skin a beautiful bump-free complexion.
On the weekends I unpack a few products that are stronger than the products I use during the week. Apart from my favourite cream cleanser at the moment, the L´Oreal Fine Flowers Cleansing Milk. I use it to take my makeup off, not eyemakeup only products like foundation etc., and it leaves my skin feeling soft, hydrated and really clean.
It contains ingredients like Rose and Jasmine Flowers, which gives it it´s lovely smell.
Multi-masking is a hit that is for once very useful, as you concentrate on the different problems of your skin directly, instead of using one mask that maybe only helps with a few little blemishes. I have recently found this L´Oreal Multi-Masking Starter Set. It contains all three of their Pure-Clay Face Masks, Charcoal, Red Algea and Eucalyputs. On the back of this set there is a short description on where to put which masks in combination of different purposes, such as stressful week, night-out, etc. I think this idea is really cute, as I was clueless in multi-masking and this set has definitely helped me a lot and is just awesome!
After washing the masks off, I like to give my skin the last polish it needs in form of exfoliating. For that I use the Mini Version of the Foreo Luna Face Scrub Brush for Combination Skin & Night Cleanser. Again I got this in my Advent Calendar and use it every now and then when my skin needs a good exfoliating session. This brush vibrates and so gives your skin a deep cleanse and anti-aging effect. Together with the Night Cleanser it removes dead skin cells and those tiny bumps that sometimes form on your forehead.
After my skin and hair is now completely clean and taken care off I can drift off to a good night sleep.

How do you like to treat yourself? What belongs in your spa night?

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