Flatlay Props

Flatlay Props
My absolute favourite part of the whole blogging process is taking pictures.
I have found myself getting more and more creative, in my camera settings, in the things and in the way how I arrange the items I want to photograph, and also what I want to use as "space fillers" or "props" in my flatlay. If you ask me, I find there´s noting worse than a picture that just looks kinda empty. I like it when it´s filled, but not too much so it
doesn´t irritate you. At the end it just needs to be aesthetically pleasing, hahaha.
To achieve that kind of effect, I have collected a few things over the last time that you may have seen in my previous pictures, and here they are...


Layers as in scarfs, wooden boards, blankets, notebooks, etc. make such a difference in how the picture looks and simply fills up space that might look naked otherwise and also helps you to guide the attention to certain products you want to show off. I got this baby pink scarf from Reserved some time ago and since it´s too thin for me to actually wear I always use it in my pictures. I find it automatically adds a colour scheme to the picture and since I´m all about pink/rosé gold/copper for my pictures this scarf is just perfect.
I have some examples in these posts: scarf, wooden board, blanket


I´m an absolute sucker for using flowers or petals in pictures. I find it adds that certain girliness and lightness to the images. If you are lucky enough to have fresh flowers in your home most of the times then please do use them! You can definitely see if someone using fresh flowers or plastic ones, and I´m definitely jealous of those who use fresh ones, haha. I have to be honest though and say mine are fake ones, the white flowers are from Depot, and the petals are from the supermarket and were supposed to be used as dinner table decorations.


These are honestly my favourite flatlay props, as I literally have sooooo many of them and I´m able to use them in sooo many ways. I generally always stick to my rosé golden lash curler and kabuki brush, as they fit so well with the pink scarf. Together with them I simply look through my makeup collection and see what I can find. The most popular items are mascaras (especially the Maybelline LashSensational), lipsticks, nail polishes, eyeshadows and false lashes.


Right after makeup, home decor is my 2nd favourite thing to purchase. Spending a lot of time strolling through Pinterest has definitely taken it´s toll on me, and if I could I would need hundreds of rooms to really buy every decorations that I have swon over because of Pinterest pictures, haha. So if I want to use home decor in my flatlays I simply look through my flat what we have and collect everything that seems like it might look good.
The best brands to buy these things from are Primark (the rosé golden basked and eyelash curler are from there), H&M & Zara Home, Urban Outfitters, Depot, etc.

What do you like to use in your flatlays? And from where do you get your inspirations for your photography?


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