Fresher Me Mud Mask Review*

*Post contains PR sample
FresherMe Mud Mask
The skincare product I love to use the most are face masks.
There are endlessly different ones on the market, all with a different purpose, on a huge price range, several ingredients, smells and looks. I have tried myself to a few ones, and one kind of face mask has caught my attention in particular. Charcoal/Mud Masks.
I was recently informed by a, for me, unknown brand called Fresher Me and I was offered to review their Mud Mask.

I was very curious as this face mask wasn´t particular made for cleaning your skin, but to nourish and moisturizer it, and since I´ve been suffering with the driest skin at the moment, I had high hopes that this mud mask could help me.

FresherMe Mud Mask
This mud mask consists of, natural Dead Sea Mud, Vitamin Pro 5b, Shea Butter, Coconut Oil, Apricot Kernel and Aloe Vera. They all have the aim to fight blemishes, give your complexion enough hydration and revitalise it. Especially the Dead Sea Mud, the main ingredient, is supposed to actively pull toxins out of your skin while the Vitamin Pro 5b is there for pulling water out of the air to give you a look of instant refreshment.
I find it sounds really interesting, as I never heard of a mask that pulls something from your surrounding in advance for your skin!

When I opened the tub I was firstly suprised by the strong scent! To me it smelled like modelling clay and so I was scared that it´s not bearable to have it under my nose for 10 minutes straight. I was luckily wrong as the smell goes away completely once you´ve put it on your skin. Then I also thought the mask would be really heavy and creamy, like the Origins Charcoal Mask, but it´s nothing like that. The formular is really wet but not watery, like it´s a bit thicker than a moisturizer. When I applied it, it felt sooo comfortable and after a while I forgot that I even got it on. 
On the product itself it stays that the mask doesn´t dry and stays wet, but I do find tha after a while it gets stiffer, but not weird at all, like you´re still able to move your face underneath, but you can also feel that something has happened to your skin.

To get it off without any problems, I have used a warm wash cloth.
Then after it was off I was left with soft, moisturized skin. Absolutely amazing, as I have definitely felt a difference. This product also promises an instant effect after the first use, I find the effect isn´t huge, but little blemishes have surely faded and my skin
wasn´t dehydrated anymore.

I would say the Fresher Me Mud Mask is worth a try, if you have dry skin with a few little blemishes like mine and could need something to treat yourself to :)

Buy it here for 16,99£


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