Liquid Glow Givers

Liquid Glow Givers
Liquid Glow Givers
Summer is the season for everything glowy, and if you have followed my blog for a while now, you may have noticed some posts dedicated to that specific makeup look.
Now, I want to concentrate on "glow givers" that are either not makeup related products, but also one that can be used so versatile, that it will definitely not leave my makeup bag for a while now...


Lately this highlighter has become one of my absolute favourite products in my whole collection. Simply because the shade is just perfect for summer, a light hint of champagne glow with a bit of glitter in it, is so versatile to use. You can either mix it with your foundation, use it as it´s original purpose, as a highlighter or you can just apply a bit of it to your eyelids to give yourself a glowy glittery eyemakeup. I haven´t tried it yet, but after I get a nice tan on my holidays, I´ll even use this highlighter on my collarbones, as I imagine it will look absolutely stunning and flattering when you´re wearing a off-shoulder top. You will definitely see me wearing this product very often from now on...


Speaking of flattering glowy collarbones, I have something here that is completely new to me. It´s a dry oil that you can use literally everywhere, face, body and even in your hair.
I haven´t tried anything with this product yet, but after swatching it once, and seeing how pigmented yet still natural it is, and how interesting a dry oil is, I have done some research. Well all you do is massage this oil into the wanted body parts and when you move into the light, little golden glitter particles will make your skin all glowy.
I find this concept really cool and I feel like it will get used a lot during my summer holiday.


Before we even start with putting tons of highlighters on our faces, we need to start preping and hydrating our skin so we already have a radiant base to work with.
I´m already on my second bottle of this Face Treatment Oil from Clarins, even though I don´t use it in my daily evening routine. This facial oil is really thick and you only need half of the pipette to get a good amount of product, I simply put this on at night when my skin is nearly spot free and only needs a minimum hydration and wake up to a lovely glowy base. An extra to this product is the smell, it smells of citrus fruits and lotus and so it´s just perfect for summer!

What do you use to get that natural glow?

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