My Go-To Neutral Essie Shade

My Go-To Neutral Essie Shade
Ever since I got a gel manicure done, I barely bother with my nails, I got them done in a natural nude/pink shade and I honestly couldn´t be happier about it, as when it´s coming to looking after my nails, I have a patience of a few days and than my nails look absolutely horrible again. So I never really enjoyed wearing nail polish during that time.
But there is one brand, and one specific shade that wakes the motivation in me. 

That one brand, that has really stolen my is Essie, we all know it and we all love it. They have a huge colour selection, two different formulas to choose from, amazing quality and totally worth the price of 8€ per bottle. If I´m in the mood to get a new nail polish, the Essie Counter is definitely the way I´ll head to.

Right now, my absolute favourite shade, and the one that´s just perfect for all year round
is Demure Vix
At first it seems like it´s a classic dusty rose shade, but you are totally wrong with that thought, as this nail polish has a metallic sheen to it. In the sun it reflects in a kinda blue metal shine, which is a lot more visible in the bottle, but still kinda there once you paint it on your nails.

My lazy self just loves this shade also because when it´s getting off, you can barely notice a difference from your actual nail to this nail polish, so don´t worry if it´s flaking off, no one´s gonna notice immediatly, haha.

I´ve just put it on again, and I´m soooo in love! I need two layers to get the full pigmentation and so far it has lasted on my nails for up to 5 days, just amazing!

What is your go-to nail polish? And which brand do you prefer?


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