Patterned Jeans

Jeans - Topshop
Blouse - American Eagle Outfitters
Shoes - Topshop
Coat - H&M

Hey everyone! Today I have an Outfit to show to you all. I´m wearing my Topshop blue and white patterned Jeans, together with my Blouse from American Eagle Outfitters, which I bought when I was in New York. It has lace detailing on the side and on the top. I decided to add my also newly bought coat from H&M to my Outfit, the material of it is really thin which is perfect for a warm spring day. In order to perfect my look I´m also wearing my black boots (?) from TopShop. I love the cutout on the side and the chunky sole. I decided to not add any accessoires since there is already a lot going on my jeans. Hope you liked today´s post :) Leave me a comment.


Easter Shopping Haul

Hey everyone! So this Saturday I went shopping with my friend, and I thought why don´t I just share my purchases with you all? :) I tried to keep myself away from all these black and grey colours and get more colourful things since Spring is coming up and almost every shop has SO pretty springwear and I needed a little more colour in my wardrobe, I actually got some black clothes to BUT their were just so pretty and good to wear in the spring and summer time! Since I bought some stuff I really want to show you, I will stop rambling now, and start ;)

The first shop I went to is Zara:
I LOVE Zara, they just have the cutest clothes and are always up to date when it comes to fashion. Originally I wanted to get a beautiful blue dress but I was (not) very lucky again and the dress was out of stock, but then I saw this beautiful blouse and it literally got me in a good mood again :) It has 3/4 sleeves and loose which is perfect for spring/summer.

Then I went to H&M:
I think H&M is the perfect shop if you don´t want to spend that much money on clothes but still want to have the newest clothes and accessoires. At H&M I got a jumpsuit and a black/grey striped t-shirt, I have already seen the jumpsuit in the catalog and fell instantly in love with it. I think it will be good to wear it to the beach simply with a straw fedora and black flip flops. The striped t-shirt is just a simple t-shirt, which I originally wanted to use for P.E. but it´s just to perfect for that, haha ;)

After that I went to Brandy Melville:
I´m in love with the clothes that Brandy Melville has, it kinda gives you this California girl style. I could buy EVERYTHING they have, because it´s that perfect, but this time I only got this shirt. It kinda reminds of a shirt TopShop recently had (didn´t they? haha).I also love the thin material of this shirt, which makes it perfect for the spring/summer time and I immediately thought that it would look so good with my denim dungarees or just light jeans :)

The next shop I went to is Mango:
At first, can we please talk about the cute and pretty things Mango has at the moment? I have one word for that, Perfection, oh and here is finally one of the colourful things I got :D It´s a simple coral crop top with a little pocket on the side. I tried this top in two different colours, grey and coral and I have to be honest I actually wanted to get the grey one but I just NEEDED colours (and half of the pocket of the grey top was demolished). 

Of course I also went into Lush:
The Lush store in Munich doesn´t exist for that long, that´s why it was the first time I saw the Easter bath bombs and I was overwhelmed by the smell and looks of these bathbombs. I got `Sakura´ (in the back), `Bunny´(left side) and ´Somewhere over the Rainbow´ (right side). I already used ´Sakura´and it had a really fresh and lemon like scent. ´Bunny´ is a bubble bath bomb and it contains currant and cocoa butter and I just love the scent of it, one of the salesman has shown us what it looks like when it dissolves and that´s one of the reasons why I bought it ;) ´Somewhere over the rainbow´ has more of a floral/fruity scent, I can´t really say how it smells but it smells good ;) 

and at last I went into TopShop:
TopShop is my absolute favourite store, it is a bit more expensive but definitely worth the money. I got a simple light leigh jeans, One thing I love about the TopShop jeans is that they are stretchy, not like normal jeans where you can barely sit in them, and they are so soft, haha :) the other pair of jeans I got is a pattern one. I have seen them in one of Zoella´s videos on Youtube and they just looked so nice, I had to get them. I have already worn them on Sunday with a white blouse it looked so nice! and it´s something different for spring, which I was searching for.

That was everything I got and how I can see my plan of getting more colour didn´t end up very well, oops. I hope you liked it and please leave me a comment, saying what my next post could be about, I´m running out of ideas ;) 
See you soon, Bye xx


My Makeup Routine

Hi everyone! So before I start talking about my makeup routine, I just wanted to apologise for not posting on the weekend like I planned to :) I don´t do all of these steps in summer because it´s just too hot and I would probably smear everything, but that doesn´t matter now. Oh, and I´m planning to update my eyeliner because it´s pretty much empty, maybe I will do a review of it. That was everything I wanted to say, so let´s get started now! :)

Right now, I use the Superstay 24h Foundation by Maybelline in the colour ´Nude´. It´s very light and matches my skin tone really good.

For concealer and extra coverage, I use the Fit Me Concealer by Maybelline in the shade ´10´. It´s perfect for under eyes or for any blemishes or red spots.

For powder I use the Super Stay 24h Powder by Maybelline in the colour ´Sand´. I have already done a review of it so I don´t say much about it (click here for the review)

At the moment I use a Liquid Eyeliner from my local drugstore (it´s a german one called `Rossmann` I dont know if any of you know it). It´s nothing special just an average black eyeliner, it is easy to apply it even though I´m not a pro with eyeliners.

For mascara, I use the False Lashes Butterfly Mascara by L´Oreal Paris. It says that your lashes should look like a butterfly afterwards but they don´t really. I´m not a huge fan of how bold it makes my lashes look like but I do like how it seperates them.

For my cheeks I use the Defining Blush by Catrice in the shade ´Rose Royce´. It´s a lovely colour and gives my cheeks a light hint of pink.

Right now I also use a white eyeliner by Manhattan for my waterline. It makes my eyes look wide awake, it´s really good when you have to wake up early and your eyes look really tired and red (mine always look red)

and lastly, for my lips I use the Maybelline Baby Lips in ´Cherry Me´. It keeps my lips healthy and a nice colour and it also smells and tastes SO good, I´m a big fan of Baby Lips :)

I hope you liked it!
 See you soon, bye xx


Bored of skinny jeans?

Top - Mango
Jeans - Zara
Cardigan - Zara

Hey everyone! Today´s post is about my favourite pair of jeans. As you can see it is a ripped loose fitted jeans. I got mine at Zara, but you can also get similars at shops like TopShop and Mango. They are a good alternative to the normal boring skinny jeans. Spring is the perfect time to wear them because in this season all those heavy, boring winter clothes go out of the wardrobe and it´s time to add something fresh and new. Other similiar jeans, which I´m definitely going to get, are the mom jeans or the boyfriend jeans which are worn by stars like Miranda Kerr or featured in some fashion magazines.They are actually easy to style, you can wear them with a top and a cardigan, like me, or you with a light jumper when it is a little bit colder or a bit fancier with like a top and a blazer, how you can see they are very diverse. I dont really have more to say about them. Sorry that this post is a little bit short, I still hope that you liked it.
 See you soon, Bye :) x
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