Blog Interview with Cristy

Hey everyone! Since I've been once interviewed by the lovely Lily Rose, I thought that I could maybe try the same thing and interview some of my favourite bloggers too, simply to get you to know some of the blogs that I really enjoy to read! I held my very first interview with the lovely and very friendly Cristy Nottingham.
1.Why did you start blogging?
I started blogging because I started watching YouTube videos about 1 and a half years ago and was inspired by the beauty videos I was watching, but I didn't really want to start my own channel, so I decided to start a blog instead.

2.What do you enjoy most about blogging?
the thing I enjoy most about blogging is probably taking the photos as I love taking photos and take photos of everything!

3.What is your favourite makeup brand and why?
I love lots of drugstore make up brands but if I had to chose one it would probably be Maybelline, as they have such a great range of products and are always bringing out new products that are always great and so affordable.

4.What is your absolute makeup necessity?
my make up necessity would have to be concealer.

5.What is on your beauty wishlist?
at the moment I don't really have a lot on my wish list, but I have been eyeing up the naked 1 palette.

6.If you could book a holiday anywhere now where would you go?
I would probably go somewhere with snow, this time of year I wouldn't really want to go anywhere hot.

7.What is your favourite trend at the moment? (Fashion)
My fave fashion trend would be boyfriend coats (I think that's what they are called) I lovee them, especially the pastel coloured ones.

8.Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
I don't really know to be honest, I like to focus on now rather than the future!

9.If you could have a superpower what would it be and why?
oooh good question, this has got me thinking, probably being able to fly, if you class that as a superpower!

10.What is your favourite season and why?
WINTER, I loveee winter so much! I love the weather and obviously Christmas too!

11.Describe yourself in 3 words.
bubbly, joyful, enthusiastic

12.If you could meet anyone for an hour who would it be and why?
probs Miranda Hart,  I love her and she has the best personality!

There you go, this was already the whole interview! I linked here blog below, if you want to have a look at it :) I want to try and upload interviews with different bloggers as often as possible and that's why I want to hear your all's opinion about it! :)

Also a happy New Year and thank you all soooooo much for all the support throughout the year. Cheers to many more to come! xxx



Christmas Makeup Tutorial

Hey everyone, long time no talk. I´ve been super busy the last month, so I didn´t have time to blog or even just take pictures, but it´s christmas time now and this is what today´s makeup tutorial is inspired by.

Step 1: Moisturize and prime your face. This step shouldn´t be forgotten, otherwise your skin will be giving you a hard time ;)
Step 2: Apply Foundation, Concealer and Eyeshadow base. There will probably be taken lots and lots of pictures on christmas eve and who wants to have like red skin, black under-eye bags or smudged eyeshadow because of oily eyelids? I´m pretty sure no one of us!

Step 3: Eyebrows! I have quite thick eyebrows, so I don´t really have to fill them in. I use a bit of light brown eyebrow powder anyway to define them.
Step 4: Now to the eyeshadow. I used the second darkest tone all over my lid. Normally I´m not really a fan of dark eyeshadows, but I have to say this look was so gorgeous, it´s not too much but adds definiton to your eyes.
Step 5: After that I just added a really thin line of eyeliner to my upper lid.

Step 6: Put a few layers of Mascara on your eyelashes. I think it really has to be a few layers, because there is already a lot of going on, and it just looks a lot better :)
Step 7: Settle everythink with powder and you´re good to go!

How you can see I didn´t add any lipstick, but if you want to I would recommend a red lipstick for this look :)

I really hope you liked this tutorial! I wish you all a wonderful christmas with a lot of presents and alot of time with your loved ones! We will see us again right after christmas xx

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