3 Spring Appropriate Eyemakeups

Spring is finally completely here! It´s getting warmer and warmer, and that also means that we can say goodbye to the heavy and dark eyeshadows and say a whole heartly hello again to the light, shimmery nudey eyeshadows that don´t need a lot of touch up throughout the day! That way you can enjoy a nicely warm spring day in the sun without having to worry about looking like a racoon!
I have put together my 3 personal favourite eyemakeups that go from a matte everyday look to a smokey look for the evening!
Everything kept in pinky/nudey shade of course ;) 
 The first look is a really simple and matte one that you can wear everyday!

1. Brow Bone (optional): Mixture of matte white from the NYX palette and "Foxy" from the Naked 2.
2.Inner Corner: Mixture of the same matte white shade and "Bootycall"
3.Crease & Lid: Mixture of the glittery champagne shade and "Tease"
4.Lower Lash Line: Mixture of the same glittery champagne shade and the matte brown shade
5.Winged Eyeliner (optional)

This is a eyemakeup that you can whether wear everyday but also in the evening :) (and please excuse this wiggly eyeliner)
I used: Astor Eyeshadow Stick in 120 Chic Nude; MAC "All That Glitters"; KIKO "139 Pearly Salmon" Eyeshadow; L´Oreal Super Liner

1.Base & Crease: Astor Eyeshadow Stick in 120 Chic Nude, blended out in the crease with a huge fluffy brush
2.Lid & Inner Corner: Firstly MAC "All That Glitters" and then over that KIKO "139 Pearly Salmon" eyeshadow 
3. Winged Eyeliner (optional)

The last look is a pinky smokey look, that could be used for evening occasions
I used: Urban Decay Naked 2 Palette

1.Crease: Tease and then blended out to the outer corner, again with a big fluffy brush 
2.Lid: YDK
3.Inner & Outer Corner: In both corners Chopper
4. Eyeliner (optional)



GetReadyWithLaura turns 1!

I just wanted to say a quick thank you to all of you! Whether you follow me on here, Instagram, Twitter, Polyvore, ..., THANK YOU SOOOOO MUCH :) 
All of your cute comments, tweets, etc. always bring a smile to my face and keep me motivated to keep doing what I´m loving to do, blogging about everything that I love :)
I can´t believe how far my little blog has come since I signed up here at the end of March last year! I was soo nervous, whether to include pictures of myself in my post or how my photos and text will turn out in general and of course also if anyone would even care about what I´m rambling about the whole time, haha! 
Thanks for sticking up with me, even when I´m not the most interesting person or when I haven´t been active for some weeks. I really hope we will have many more years together and I´m really excited to see what this new year of blogging brings with it!
Again a huge THANK YOU to every single one of you :)
Cheers! xx

Feel free to send in requests of what you want to see next on GetReadyWithLaura :)


Lush Easter Collection 2015

 When it comes to bath products, I always head straight to Lush. Another good reason why I went there was of course, because they launched their Easter Collection! (yaay) 
I could hardly decide between soo many new releases, sadly I didn´t have enough money with me to buy the entire shop, but in the end I went for two products, one is a bath bomb and the other one is a bubbleroon(?) :)
And here they are (with a little review) :

 The first one I got is Fluffy Egg it is a bath bomb, and oh my god this is the ONE for everyone who just loves extra sweet and candy smelling bath products. To be exact it smells 100% like candy floss and is very similar to the very loved Snow Fairy shower gel :)
 It is very moisturizing and really relaxing to just lay in! 
Once thrown it in your bathtub, it turns your water in a luscious girly pink colour and even adds a tiny amount of bubbles :)
For only 4,75€ it is a complete bargain and I will definitely have to stock up on it veeeery soon! x

And the next thing I got is Bubblegrub, I´m not sure but I think this little guy was a part of the Mother´s Day collection but since it´s still available, it doesn´t really matter, haha :) The smell is really strange to me, in a good way though! I just can´t seem to figure out what exactly it smells like, when it´s dry it reminds me of cookies and when it´s in the bath (the green part) it reminds me of apples, haha! On the website it says it´s supposed to smell like vanilla, tonka and sandalwood :) I don´t think it´s as moisturizing as Fluffy Egg but because of it´s white chocolate eyes and vanilla anntenas it makes your water nice and silky anyway.
When you throw it in your bathing water, it turns into a beautifully apple-y green and adds a nice foam aswell!
The price of 4,95€ is definitely fair, since you can get 2 bubble baths out of this little cutie :)

Did you buy anything from the Easter Collection? If yes, what did you get and do you like it? If not, what do you want to get? :)

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