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Ardell Magnetic Lashes
Long, voluminous, thick lashes are every girls dream, right?
I find whether you´re wearing eyeshadow or not, having a pretty pair of lashes on literally transforms the whole look to a completely new level!

Sure you could just use your favourite mascara to make your lashes look fabulous, but most of the time you don´t achieve the same finish when some of your lashes have fallen out or are just not as long and thick as you wish them to be.

Same happened to me. I do have quite long lashes - thanks to Revitalash - but sometimes I just have spare spaces that I wish would just dissapear.
After watching loads and loads of makeup tutorials, I thought I´d give false lashes a try myself.
The girls in the videos made the application always look soo easy but unfortunately I was struggling soo hard with them, and gave up on using false lashes shortly after... until NOW!

Ardell is using a new technology for their newest false lashes line - Magnetism.
They use really small - nearly invisible after appliying - magnet bullets. Together with all natural human hair as lashes, it will be hard to notice if you are blessed with these gorgeous lashes, or if you had a little help to look even more fab ;)

I got the chance to try the Magnetic Lashes out myself before they hit the shelves in - mark your calendar - May 2018!! 
So not long to go now, yaaay.

Ardell kindly sent me the pair "110 Double", which I find is the more natural version of their original Demi Wispies.
Included in a package are four lash strips which make up to 2 pair of lashes - you got two upper strips and two under strips. All four of the strips are pre-curved to make it a lot easier for you to fit them on your eyes.

Well now we come to the exciting part of this new release, as the name already says this new lashes line is simply applicated with magnets. So you no longer have to deal with buying new lash glue, getting the right amount on the lash strip, no more waiting until it´s dry, etc. all you do is stick both lashes together and off you go - sounds lovely right?
As you cann see every lash strip has a few magnet bullets attached to it.
I was at first a bit worried whether these magnets were strong enough to really stick together, if you can feel the magnets, also if they would kinda break my lashes while being they "stuck" between two magnets and most importantly if they keep the lashes in place throughout the day/night.
After putting them on for the first time though, I was positively suprised by how strong they stick together, yet feel totally comfortable. They don´t budge at all, I tried slightly pulling on them and they did move a bit but from themselve they don´t move at all!

Speaking of my first application, it was again a bit tricky to put them on, but a whole lot easier then normal falsies with a glue. Simply because if, e.g. they´re not close enough to your lash line you can just try again and again. With the glue I always got it stuck on my lashes and lid and messed my whole eyemakeup up - please tell me this has not only happened to me haha.
I did have to try around a bit until I found a way of applying them that was easy for me, but eventually I got the hang of it and loved them finish.
It´s not really visible that you kinda have two lash strips on one eye and also they feel just as lightweight as the normal falsies.


To apply them the right way, you first apply a coat of mascara to your lashes.
Then you take a tweezer - preferably the Ardell Dual Lash Applicator - and hold the upper lash strip in place on top of your lashes as close to your lash line as possible.
Then you take the under lash strip and move it towards the other strip so that your actual lashes are right between them. 
And Ta-Daa you´re done and good to go.

Be careful when you want to take them off though as to not pull out your own lashes...
I always grip them between two fingers and move them in different direction as to push the magnets apart. For storing you just put them back into their box and press the sides onto the sticky patches.
Just to make sure you have a curved lash strip for the next application.

When you´re planning to try them out yourself, take care of what size you pick as there are two.
The bigger size has 4 magnet bullets and the smaller size has only 3 bullets.
You´re not able to trim so you might want to decided on the size before buying them haha.
I got the smaller size with 3 bullets and they fit perfectly - I always had to cut off a good amount off the Demi Wispies.

They´ll cost around 14,99€ - sounds a bit expensive but you have to keep in mind that you can reuse them really often, so definitely worth the investion.

Of course Ardell doesn´t only offer the 110´s but there will be also Double Wispies, Double Demi Wispies, Accents 001 & 002. So there´s definitely a pair for everyone.
I feel like the Accents could be really interesting to try next for me!

End of the story is that I feel like this is one of the best beauty inventions ever!
It´s a great product whether for falsie beginners as you´ve got loads of trys without destroying them, but also for pros as it´s a fun thing to try out and might save you a lot of time during styling.

Have a look at all the Magnetic Lashes - here


City Break Makeup & Skincare Bag
City Break Makeup & Skincare Bag
I absolutely love city breaks, discovering cities, doing some typical tourist stuff, eating new food, etc. just everything about a small getaway is total up my street.
This time I´m traveling to London (again) and I´m super excited. I just love this city so much and now that more and more bloggers share their favourite photo spots I, of course can´t help it and plan some of those spots into my schedule aswell.
To prepare my skin and look flawless for that upcoming shooting I tried to narrow down my collection to the best and long lasting products....


My base needs to stay in place even better than on any other days, as we´ll be on the go all day and we´ll take lots of pictures and so I want to feel as comfortable and confident in my look as possible. For primer I´m taking the ThisWorks In Transit Camera Close-Up Primer with me, it gets quite sticky when it has sunk in, but doesn´t really have a thick consistency, so I won´t be getting the problems of getting blemishes cause my pores are blocked - happens too quick sometimes, haha.
I love glowy skin, especially the difference it makes on pictures. Right now I really like using the
L´Oreal Perfect Match Foundation, it has a medium coverage, is still really lightweight and blends in beautifully with a beauty blender. I hate to say it, but you get that "my skin but better" effect when blending this foundation in with a beauty blender. To brighten the area under my eyes I´ll take the Maybelline Fit Me Concealer with me. Not only does it sit really well and looks really natural when it´s blended in, but it´s also nearly empty so I might replace it while going shopping haha. To set everything I´ll use my MAC Mineralize Skinfinish Powder, I´ve recently rediscovered it and absolutely love using it now. It gives that flawless, even finish that I absolutely adore. Seriously after gently pressing it on - instead of swiping it all over - I can´t see a single pore or blemish.

I don´t do much for my brows lately, I´m glad when they look full and kind of in a good shape, so the easiest and quickest way to fill in my brows is by using the Smashbox BrowTech To-Go. I´ve been using it for such a long time now, already repurchased it and I´m pretty sure it wasn´t the last time. Because of it´s triangle shape and waxy highly pigmented consistency, it makes it really easy to get your brows in a good shape and evenly filled in. The gel that is also included on the other side of the pen is amazing. It keeps my brow hair in place but doesn´t make them feel stiff.
The only thing that is missing now are my lashes. My talented self has used every sample of mascars that I owned, up so now I´m left to use one of my older, nearly empty mascaras. Atleast one of my absolute favourites for long lashes is still half way full. The L´Oreal Telescopic Mascara is amazing for getting the long lashes effect. It´s super simple to use, holds a curl wonderfully and leaves my lashes still feeling soft and lightweight - I absolutely hate those mascaras that makes lashes feel really hard and as if they would break any minute...

Finishing off the whole look I put a bit of highlighter on. I haven´t been a big fan of cream highlighter before, but since trying the Sleek Strobe Dome I love the wet highlighter look it can give you. I always do three swipes with it and then blend it in with my Real Techniques Buffing Brush.

For lips I decided on a really simple, rosy liquid lipstick. The Manhattan Stay Matte Liquid Lipstick in Rosefeller Center is that kind of "my lips but better shade" - oh well now I´ve used this phrase twice already... - even though it´s matte, it feels really comfortable and not dry at all.
The lasting power though, is absolutely amazing! It stays on no matter what I do, so perfect for a day out and about.

That´s it for my makeup. I don´t take a lot with me, as I know myself pretty well and will most likely purchase some new makeup bits and bobs...
City Break Makeup & Skincare Bag


Deciding on skincare to take with me is even harder than deciding on makeup products.
Simply because - please tell me I´m not the only one - I feel like exactly in these few days I´m away I might feel the need to use products that I haven´t used in months. Products like overnight masks, facial oils, etc. I try to go through my daily skincare routine in my head and so only pack the products that I use everyday. I still feel like it´s quite a big selection but I really need all of it - I swear.
Starting by removing my makeup, I fill my favourite Garnier Micellar Water, into a little bottle so that it fits into the max. of 100ml that I´m allowed to take with me - this is honestly the part that makes packing so much harder than it already is, haha.
Now that my face is bare I apply a good amount of the First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair Cream. This moisturizer is a total bargain with 10 pounds for a tube that has lasted me a good 4 months now. It´s extremely thick, yet sinks in fast and pretty much smells like nothing. Probably the reason why it has cleared and still keeps my skin lovely clear. On top of this night cream I put my eye cream, the Clinique Pep Start Eyecream. I´ve put a full review here which you can check out after reading this post ;) No but honestly, it´s a gel textured cream, it feels very fresh and I find it has evened out the skin tone of my under eye area and kinda made it look healthly plump and so I look more awake.
The last step I do before going to sleep is applying the Revitalash Eyelash Conditioner, if you want long, darker, fluttery lashes, you should definitely invest in it! I had really short, barely visible lashes before using it and now after applying mascara, my lashes go up to my brow bone and stay curled - without using a lash curler before. That´s it with my night skincare products.
In the morning I only use the Clinique Moisture Surge. It´s a fab moisturizer! Even though it´s gel-based, it still feels quite thick but sinks in incredibly fast, is really hydrating and blurs my skin out especially the area where my pores are the biggest.

What are your travel makeup and skincare essentials?

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WhiteWashLab Nano Intensive Whitening Strips

Whitening your teeth in the comfort of your own home, sounds good? Then I think I have the perfect product for you

So some time ago I was kindly sent this Intensive Whitening Strips Kit from White Wash Laboratories Nano. As I was always debating whether it´s worth to get my teeth bleached and not being sure if it would look strange and unnatural, I was very excited to try these strips as they promised to give me naturally white teeth in a matter of two weeks.

This kit contains 14 packs with 2 strips per pack - so 28 strips in total. I sadly forgot to take pictures of the actual strips so sorry for that, but they are simply clear gummy strips stick to a little plastic square. The side of the strips that is attached to the plastic thing contains the gel that will whiten your teeth. All you do then, is pull the longer strip of and put it onto your upper teeth row, the shorter strip is then for your lower teeth.

They are meant to have a mint flavour but I found they had a really weird taste to them.
Kinda hard to describe, as it wasn´t really a plastic taste but just weird, after getting the gel on my tongue accidentally - don´t ask me how I managed to do that - I was trying really hard as to not make that happen again. Bu don´t worry about having this weird taste in your mouth for the whole hour, I really only tasted it when I got it on my tongue, other than that it´s really comfortable to wear and didn´t cause any discomfort or has given me the thought of having to remove it immediately.

WhiteWashLab Nano Intensive Whitening Strips
So after getting over the taste trouble, I put the strips on and put my timer on for an hour.
Most of the times I tried to use this as late as possible as you shouldn´t drink or eat anything while using them - you couldn´t drink anything with them in even if you really wanted to, haha, so I put them on at like 10pm and after removing the strips I went straight to bed.

I sadly have to say that I did have trouble with putting them on sometimes. As I found when my teeth were wet, the strips just didn´t want to stay in place, especially not the stripe on my lower teeth. 
It sometimes moved around a bit, but I figured out that it´s better to put them on after swallowing and drying of my fingers - just a little tip from my experience here to save you nerves haha.

Speaking of removing the strips, after wearing them for an hour they stuck really strongly on my teeth. I found I had to get a tight grip on them to be able to remove them. I flossed the leftovers of the gel with water and my toothbrush. They kinda felt even cleaner, than after brushing them.

WhiteWashLab Nano Intensive Whitening Strips
Together with the stripes I was also kindly sent this three pack of products that should be used together with the strips in order to really get the full effect.

It contains a toothpaste, a mouth wash and floss.
The toothpaste had a different consistency to the normal toothpaste you get at any drugstore. It was a lot creamier, was very minty and kinda gave me an even fresher and cleaner feeling than an "average" toothpaste. The mouthwash had a very similar taste and effect than the toothpaste and the floss is really awesome. That´s a weird thing to say but up to now I still use it everyday as I find it cleans the space between my teeth a lot better and more gentle than a normal floss. 
Why? Well it´s kinda wider and so you really get everything out.

After the two weeks were over I did notice a difference - which was a positive suprise as even though it did sounded very promising, I was sceptical if it would really give me a visible result.
To be honest even after a few days I could already see a really small difference but after the two weeks I was very happy with how my teeth looked. 
Before they were kinda stained - you know from drinking tea, coffee, etc. - and after they were just brighter. I´m sooo happy with this product and since you can use it so easily and comfortable at home I would definitely recommend it.
Certainly something lovely to treat yourself to for the upcoming spring when we´re gonna wear brighter lipsticks, so you get a nice contrast and a pearly white smile.

Have you tried this Kit before?


3 Drugstore Concealers
No matter what day of the week it is - apart from the weekends - you´ll clearly see that I´m sleepy and want to go back into my bed. I have to face reality though and get out and get ready for the day.
To also make it look like I´m ready for that I use concealer, a lot of concealer.
For this product I absolutely love reaching for the drugstore versions, not only because I find they give the best finishes but also because I run through them so quickly, that I just couldn´t afford repurchasing a high end concealer every time.

My most frequently used drugstore concealers are the following three...
3 Drugstore Concealers

Collection Lasting Perfection

Let´s start with the one that has the highest coverage. You all probably know this concealer and have hopefully tried it yourself already. On those really rough days I will definitely reach for this concealer, whether it be to hide my dark circles or any blemishes.
This concealer comes with a wand that I use to draw a triangle shape under my eyes and then blend it in with my beauty blender. Even though it´s high coverage I don´t think it looks heavy at all nor does it feel like it. Set with a baking powder it stays in place all day, doesn´t dry my skin out and does it´s job perfectly fine. I got this like a year ago when I was in London - cause it´s not available in Germany - so I´m not sure about the colour range, but I´ve got No. 1 and it suits my skin really well.
I´ll definitely stock up on it when I´m in the UK again as it´s literally an absolute lifesaver on so many days.

Maybelline Age Rewind

After a long break I got around to buying my second tube of this absolute glorious concealer.
It has a medium coverage, but is easily buildable, while still looking very natural. Since it comes with this sponge applicator you kinda already blend it in while applying it, which I really love on those days where I´m short on time - which comes towards the end of the week when I think it´s a good idea to snooze a bit longer. I don´t know why it took me so long to repurchase it but I´m glad I eventually did as now I´m using it almost every day and just love the natural, a bit glowy finish it gives me. Maybelline recently came out with new shades for this concealer and one of them is a brightening shade, which I´m definitely going to try next.

Maybelline Fit Me

The one with the lowest coverage is my old and trust Fit Me Concealer, I´m not too sure but this might be my third tube already and definitely not my last. It´s just one of those that you can wear all year round. As it has a lower coverage it´s also pretty lightweight but you can build it up to a medium coverage. The only two things that are "bothering" me with this product are that you need to blend it in with a brush as I find it kinda loses a lot of coverage when you use a beauty blender and also the colour numbers are soo confusing. Like No. 10 is the darker yellow shade and No. 15 is the paler, pinker shade. I find that was really confusing. 
3 Drugstore Concealers

All three of them are totally worth a try, if you haven´t tried them already.

What is your favourite concealer? Do you prefer high-end or drugstore?


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The Foundation Wishlist
When there´s one thing I like to spend a lot of money on, then it´s definitely a good foundation.
Basically because I find the key to a good looking full face makeup is the base, you can be a pro at eyemakeup but if you´re foundation is not staying in place, gets oily and shiny, etc. you´ll never get the full effect.

As the state of my skin often changes between oily, dry and combination skin, and also the colour changes from pale as a ghost to a hint of tan - hard to believe, but my skin is actually capable of that - I have built a little collection of different foundations.
Some are drugstore, some are high end, most of them have a different finish and so you can imagine that I´m totally up to trying new formulars and new types of foundations.

I would say I´m quite happy with the foundations I own, but well, most of them are nearly all used up so I´m already thinking which foundations I want to try next and so I happen to put together a little - ok, I might have gone a little crazy - list with foundations I´m lusting over...

The Drugstore Ones

The High End Ones

The Luxurious Ones

So, I guess I´ll just start saving up now cause these foundations will definitely cost me a small fortune, haha.

A girl can dream though, right?

Which foundations are on your wishlist? Do you rather go for drugstore, high end or luxurious bases?

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