Oskia Renaissance Face Mask 
Oskia Renaissance Face Mask
Especially now during the winter months - and with my heater on 24/7 - my skin suffers quite a lot from dryness. Not only does it make the progress and finish of applying makeup not really good-looking but it also can get painful. I often had patches - mostly on my forehead - that burned when I touched them and the only saviour that helps me instantly is the 
Oskia Renaissance Face Mask.

This face mask is pure luxus, I never had a face mask that has helped me, hydrate my skin so quickly - and also smelled so incredibly.

Let´s start with the said incredible smell. It´s literally out of this world. It contains ingredients like Passion Fruit, Grape, Lemon, Grapefruit and Papaya, which gives the mask its unique and strong scent. While taking the pictures of this post, I accidentally left the pot open and my room smelled like the cream after a few minutes - not that I´m complaining, haha.
If anyone from Oskia is reading this post, I plead you to create a candle that smells exactly like this mask, I´ll give you all my money for it!
I also just read on the Oskia website that the testing panel for this mask found the scent so delicious they wanted to eat it, and I can completely agree with that. You need to smell it yourself to understand how incredible it is!

It´s definitely also a staple to have on your dressing table. I´m totally a fan of the simplicity, with the milk glass and the Oskia Logo on the lid.
Oskia Renaissance Face Mask
Now to the actual product. It´s a gel-based face mask, that has a pinky colour in the tub, but after you have massaged it into your skin, it turns white and also thicker and creamier. Depending on your skin type, and how well it reacts to the cream, you can leave it on for up to 20 minutes. It feels really fresh and cooling on my skin and after a while of wearing it I barely notice it´s there. What I also love is that it´s so easy to take off again - I find there´s nothing worse than a face mask that you have to rub off. 

I already mentioned that this product contains a lot of fruits, but also things like rose and chamomile.
So the purposes of this mask is to increase cell-turnover, boost radiance and give you a smoother and all over illuminating look. It definitely does exactly that. Immediately after washing the cream off, my skin feels a lot fresher, completely hydrated, glowy and kinda also plumper - in a good way obviously.
You really need only the tiniest amount, so I´m sure even this little pot will last me easily for another few months.

Sure with a price of 51 pounds, it´s not something you use every night and keep repurchasing, but it´s a perfect treat - either for yourself or as a present for someone else.

Have you tried Oskia Skincare before? And maybe even this mask already?

Illamasqua Lava Lipstick in Vixen
A red lip is one of the first makeup looks I come up with when I think of Valentines Day.
It´s definitely something I don´t wear everyday, but for this special occassion, I´ll unpack one of my newest and favourite red lipstick.

As you can see above, it´s not a classic red, but one of the Illamasqua Lava Lipsicks.
Their lava lipsticks are colour intense, and have a very unique marble design, that I´ve never seen before on any other lipsticks and was definitely very curious about.
At first I thought, it might still have streaks of different colours when you apply it, but no, all the shades mix together to a gorgeous red shade.
I got the lipstick in the shade Vixen, in the swatch below you can see that it´s not a bright red shade, but rather has a pink/rose undertone - perfect for my pale skin.

But not only is the lipstick itself absolutely stunning, but I´m also kinda into the packaging. It´s liked really simple, just completely black, and then you get that unique looking lipstick inside. Really cool!

Illamasqua Lava Lipstick in Vixen
I love this lipstick for so many reasons, not only is the shade absolutely stunning - in case you haven´t noticed yet, I like to repeat myself - but the texture is also soo lovely.
It glides on really smoothly, and is buildable. So it´s not one of those lipsticks that you have to be extra careful about, so you don´t smudge it - we all know how hard it is to correct red lipstick, right? - but you can be exacty with it and either get the full colour intensity or just a hint of red, whatever you prefer.
The finish is a soft satin, slightly matte finish, sits very comfortable on the lips and stays also on quite well. It does fades away during some time, but it´s definitely acceptable.

I really hope they´ll be in stock really soon again, as right now they are, understandable, completely sold out...


New In: Homeware
New In: Homeware
Interior has become more and more interesting to me lately - mainly because of those absolutely gorgeous flats some bloggers show on their Instagram.
And so one of my main plans for 2018 is to redecorate my whole room, so it might get just as instagram-able, haha. My colour scheme for my "new" room is white, grey, light/pastel pink and, of course, rosé gold/copper accents.
In my imagination, it´s gonna look absolutely amazing, the only thing to do now is find exactly these furnitures and decorations that I´m thinking off.
So far I´ve found the following things...

Desenio Print

I discovered Desenio through one of Maria´s Instagram pictures, and I absolutely loved the look of her prints and so straight off ordered one for myself.
They have a huge selection of different themes - such as cities, beauty, flowers, etc. - in many different sizes. So you can either pick a huge one like me 50 x 70cm, or a small one for your desk. Together with the print you can also select a frame to go with it.
I choose a copper one - what a suprise - together with a beautiful, inspiring quote written in pink. I think they fit together really well and are gonna set a nice accent to my mainly white and bright room.
New In: Homeware

Maisons Du Monde Decorations

While browsing through the internet - actually searching for a new pastel pink chair for my desk - when I stumbled across the online shop of Maisons Du Monde!
I straight off found a lot of things that would fit perfectly in my room, and so when I even saw that they had a store close to me I just had to go there.
First thing I´ve found was a rosé gold mirror, with a little pink plattform underneath, I store my few bits of jewellry that I have and daily skincare products there, looks a lot more organized than before haha. 
Then I also found a copper "moodboard", where I can pin all different types of things on it, so of course to go with the board I got matching copper clips. As soon as I bought my new furniture I´ll hang it up!
The last thing I got, isn´t really decoration but I just needed - like really needed - to get it, it´s a really cool mug with like a lid to go with it. As someone who always forgets about their tea, and only remembers when it´s already cold again, this will be a total lifesaver, haha.
New In: Homeware

Mini Plants and Pots

And last I finally invested in some plants - for the first time in my life.
I decided to go for mini plants to put up on my desk - and most importantly, ones that don´t need a lot looking after. I got both, the cactus and the other plant at IKEA for only 3€ including those really cute light pink pots. Not only do they look really cool on my desk, but also make great blog props - even though I´ve already scratched my hand on the cactus quite often, haha.
The other "Just Wing it" Pot is from Primark, but I got it quite a long time ago - sometime back in October - so I´m not really sure if it´s still available. It´s the perfect size to hold my eyemakeup brushes and also works really well with my ongoing colour scheme.

Do you pay a lot of attention into your interior? Any homeware bits that you bought lately?

Valentines Day Gift Guide For Yourself
Valentines Day Gift Guide For Yourself
Valentines Day is just around the corner now, and as we all know this day is all about love.
But don´t worry if you don´t have a special someone - like me - cause who says this day can´t be all about yourself?

We always talk about how important it is to love yourself - self love means to me being confident in yourself and just simply loving yourself just as you are.
And so I try to treat myself to little bits off of my wishlist every now and then, and don´t worry if I really need these things, but just buy someting because I want to and it makes me happy.

So I´ve put together a few things that I´d absolutely love to get, some amazing deals - who can resist a pack of 3 CT lipsticks??? - some products for your next pamper night and also some nice perfumes.

Makeup Sets

Bath and Skincare Goodies


I really hope you found some things that you´d like to treat yourself to, and hopefully you´re Valentines Day will be filled with lots of love!! Xxxx


*this post contains PR samples
The Davines Oi Range
One brand that can´t be missing in my daily haircare routine is Davines, especially their Oi Range. 
The products in this range all contain roucou-oil, which has a lot of amazing effects and gives the products their unique scent.

The roucou oil comes from a plant that grows in the amazons, it´s rich of bera-carotene and has a restructuring effect on the hair, helps with its growth, reduces cell damage by UV radiation, prevents aging and maintains skin elasticity so your hair looks more healthy, shiny and honestly feels sooo lovely soft.

I first got introduced to Davines at a Blogger Event last year, and I was definitely really curious to try out the products, as the man who introduced me to all the things was really good and convincing with what he had to say, haha. I received the Oi Shampoo and Oi All in One Milk to try out and this is what I thought of the products...

Oi Shampoo*

When I try a new shampoo, I always look for ones that give my scalp enough hydration - cause who wants a itchy scalp - and ideally also keep my hair looking fresh for up to 2-3 days. I´m just way too lazy to wash my hair everday and even though I really like using dry shampoo, it´s just not good for my hair on long terms.
This shampoo fills all my needs perfectly!
My hair feels lovely soft, looks smooth and ever since I´m using it, I have hardly any problems with a dry and flaky scalp anymore!
It´s texture is not really creamy - like my previous head & shoulder shampoo - but more watery, yet you really only need a tiny amount as once you work it in, it starts to get really foamy.
Coming back to the scent, in the bottle it´s really strong but you hardly smell it in your hair, it´s just a lovely smelling hint of the scent that gets left behind.
It is quite pricy but since you only need a small amount and it leaves your hair looking fresh for a longer time, it´s totally worth it, to treat you and your hair to it.
Davines Oi All in One Milk

Oi All in One Milk*

The roucou oil is all in for giving your hair the extra hydration it sometimes needs.
So what I do with this milk, is spray it all over my hair before blow drying it, and it honestly makes such a huge difference! 
My hair feels immediately softer, is easier to comb through, dries faster and has a lot less frizz than before.
You can either use it like me, as it also functions as heat protection - which I discovered just now, haha - or you use it on the go, for when your hair feels dry and needs a quick fresh up. Again, it has the same unique scent, which I absolutely love and got some compliments for aswell.
I´m sooo sad that I ran out of it already, so I´ll definitely get a new bottle as soon as possible.

Oi Oil

I also introduced my mum to the Davines products and together with the shampoo, she bought the Oi Oil aswell.
Of course, I´ve given it a try myself and it´s so good aswell - what a suprise, haha!
Until I get a replacement for the Milk Spray, I´ll be using this oil before blow drying my hair. The texture of it is not as thick as some other hair oils - e.g. the MoroccanOil - it sinks in really fast and also gives your hair a nice amount of hydration.
I haven´t tried it out that often yet, but I can see it becoming another hair favourite really soon.

The Oi range doesn´t only include these three products there are some others left, that I´m more than curious to try out myself!

Have you tried Davines products before? Which ones are your favourite or which ones would you want to try out?


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