New Years Eve Party Makeup

New Years Eve Party Makeup
It´s crazy to think that we´re saying goodbye to 2016 tomorrow!
The last party of the year is therefore just right around the corner and I´ve roughly started planning what I´m gonna wear and how my makeup is gonna look like.
I find this last look of the year needs to be the best, you are not only ending a year but also starting a year as best looking as you can, and that´s what I tried to achieve with this look...



What I Got For Christmas 2016

What I Got For Christmas 2016
What I Got For Christmas 2016
What I Got For Christmas 2016What I Got For Christmas 2016
Unbelievable how fast the Christmas time has passed.
It feels like yesterday, when all the christmas campaigns started being shown on TV, and we baked cookies at home.
Christmas times means also loooots of presents, whether giving or recieving.
And now I´m really excited to see what everyone got.
I was very pleased with mine, and am absolutely grateful for the few things that I got :) Leave the links to your posts or videos in the comment.



Christmas Day Makeup

Christmas Day Makeup
It´s Christmas Eve!
Even though I won´t be heading out tonight, I´ll try to put a bit effort into my makeup, I might not go for a full face tonight, but I definitely will give my best tomorrow for Christmas Day and that´s what I´ll be wearing...



LookFantastic Beauty Secret Advent Calender || Weekly Round-Up #2

Another week has passed and another 7 doors on my advent calendar were allowed to be opened. Looking back at it now, the last 7 doors were mainly about taking care of your skin and hair, together with two makeup products to make your eyes and lips stand out.
Besides that, this week doors contained a lot of brands that I barely/never heard of, which made it even more exciting for me.
Let me tell you, I definitely found some things I´m planning to repurchase.



#LFAdventCalendar || Week 1

Christmas is coming!
Not only eating lots of cookies, putting the christmas tree up, decorating the whole flat with festive decorations and listening 24/7 to christmas carols gets me in the right mood, but also opening the doors of my advent calendar every day excites me more and more for christmas.
I was lucky enough to actually get my hands on the best kept christmas secret this year, before it was sold out within a few hours.
The advent calendar I´m talking about is the LookFantastic TheBeautySecret Advent Calendar. The minute I saw it on Twitter, was the moment where I was sure that this was going to be the one I want to have this year.
From what I saw of reviews, was that I already was a big hit last year, including things like Molton Brown shower gel, San Tropez Instant Tan, Tangel Teaser, etc.
All in one it was a good mixture of more expensive things, that everyone could be curious about trying out.

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