Charlotte Tilbury Pillow Talk Lip Cheat // Review + Swatch

Charlotte Tillbury Pillow Talk Lip Cheat
Yesterday I have arrived back home from a short trip to London, and of course I couldn´t leave without treating myself to something from Charlotte Tillbury.
The minute I stepped into the shop at Westfield I knew I had to go straight to the Lip section, otherwise my money would be completely gone. I was really close to giving into the Dolce Vita Eyeshadow Quad but my mind was set on buying only a lip product, haha.
I actually wanted to get the Lipstick version of Pillow Talk, but since that one was sold out I went for the Lip Cheat version.

Before trying it out for the first time this morning, I thought I could never wear this lipliner on it´s own, simply because I didn´t like what other lipliner feels like when you apply them to your whole lip.
This one is completely different though, it does start off as being sticky but after a short while, this feeling goes away and you can barely feel it on your lips anymore, which I really like.

The texture is more on the waxy side, which makes it glide on really smoothly and with a lot of pigmentation after the first application, meaning you can easily reapply it on the go. With that it already saved itself a place in my work bag, haha.
Charlotte Tillbury Pillow Talk Lip Cheat Swatch
It certainly lives up to it name as a Lip Cheat. My lips often have dry patches and this lip liner kinda erases them a bit, making my lips look soft, yet still natural.

The colour is an absolute dream for every nude lover.
Pillow Talk is a kinda dusty rose shade with a lovely pink undertone, so it basically goes with any look. I´m head over heels in love with the colour and I´m so glad I listened to basically every other Beauty Blogger and went for Pillow Talk as the first shade I tried from the lip product shade range.

Have you tried the Pillow Talk Lip Cheat or Lipstick? Or any other Charlotte Tillbury product?


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