My Nars Starter Pack

My Nars Starter Pack
What feels like 593 reviews and people mentioning how much they adore Nars products later, I finally had the chance to give 2 cult products a try. 
On my London trip, about 2 weeks ago, I went to the Nars Counter at Westfield and let the lovely lady who worked there, work her magic and let me introduce you to the Beauty of Nars.
I got to try a bit of nearly everything, starting from their skincare to their base products.
At the end I decided to purchase only two things though, the Sheer Glow Foundation and the Laguna Bronzer. 
Since coming back home I´ve been reaching for them nearly everyday and that´s what I think of them so far...

Sheer Glow Foundation

Nars Sheer Glow Foundation
The Sheer Glow Foundation is one of the most famous products from Nars.
With my combination, tending to dry, skin I thought it would be the best foundation for me, as what I´ve seen so far, it has a dewy finish and that´s exactly what I´m on about right now.
I absolutely love the finish of it, it´s also long lasting and can get build up really easily. I thought I would run out of it soon, considering how small the bottle is, but I only need a tiny bit and get an even finish. One thing I haven´t really figured out yet is, what is the best tool to blend it with? It´s too firm to blend it properly with my Real Techniques brush, same for my RT Buffer Brush, next thing I´m gonna try is my MAC Stippling brush, hopefully that will make it work.
I got the shade "Siberian", which is the lightest shade *face palm to myself for being as pale as a white wall*, but I find I can work with it together with the next purchase...

Laguna Bronzer

Nars Laguna Bronzer
the Laguna Bronzer has quickly become my go-to bronzer.
First, because I can easily hide the fact that I´m pale like a ghost.
Second, because it´s just the best bronzer in the world!
It´s highly pigmented, really lovely texture that is a dream to blend, it stays on very good (says me, who is constantly leaning on her head when sitting somewhere), and the colour fits just perfectly to, what I think, every skin tone.
I apply it to my forehead, cheeks and a tiny bit to my jaw and I look like heaven.
I was always a person, who didn´t feel comfortable when I wearing a very visible amount of bronzer or blush, but with this I feel sooo good, as I know it looks natural and as I have spent a good amount of time in the sun.

Both products were so worth the money and are such good starter products.
I´ll definitely purchase a few more bits really soon.

What are your favourite Nars Products?


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