A FeelUnique Haul

A FeelUnique Haul

I´ve recently decided to treat myself to some new skincare bits and bobs and of course makeup couldn´t be left out and what other side than FeelUnique should I have chosen to do so?
FeelUnique offers a huge range of international products, everything from makeup to tools, to skincare and haircare. I really had to hold myself back and only search for the things that were on my wishlist instead of strolling around the pages as thinking back now, I´m more than sure that I would have given in and would have ordered lots more stuff that, deep down, I knew I don´t really need but might look good, haha.
In the the those 3 products made the cut into my shopping cart...

Dermalogica Daily Microfoliant (58€)

I got introduced to this product through the LookFantastic Advent Calendar and at first I thought it would be too harsh to use everyday, because it really similar to a peeling.
First of all though, this product is a white rice-based powder that you use after cleansing your skin. You put the amount of half a teaspoon on your wet hand and put some a tiny bit of water on your other hand and rub it together, til the powder transforms into a firmer paste, then you simply massage it into your skin for about a minute and wash it off with warm water. I more than love how soft, yet still hydrated my skin feels afterwards.
Using it on a longer time period, this microfoliant will remove dead cells and so make your skin a lot softer, smoother, brighter and removes blemishes.
It´s quite expensive, but since you only use half a teaspoon per day from a 74g bottle, it´ll easily last you 3-4 months, and to be honest I would be willing to pay even more for it as the result is just amazing.

REN Skincare V-Cense Revitalising Night Cream (40€)

I´ve been on the hunt for a thick and moisturizing, but not oily, night cream for my combination skin for quite a long time now, well until I´ve stumbled across a sample of this cream also in my LookFantastic Advent Calendar.
I´ve used it on and off and wasn´t sure if I liked the product enough to purchase the full size, but after using this night cream after the microfoliant and seeing how my skin was constantly improving I knew it would be a good invention.
This night cream is a thick white cream that includes ingredients like Boswellia Carterri & Boswellic Acid for smoothing lines, Vitamin C, E and A for strength and radiance and Citroflavonoids for protection.
What I really like about this product is that it sinks in really fast and doesn´t leave a thick oily layer on your face when you wake up, cause that´s what I absolutely hate about the other night creams I´ve used before. Like I already said this cream has helped me to keep my skin moisturized and clean, so I´ll keep on repurchasing :)

L´Oreal Telescopic Mascara (14€)

This mascara is by very far my absolute favourite drugstore mascara in the whole world!
I´ve purchased it for the first time when I was in London back in April, since it´s not available to buy in Germany and after trying it out and experimenting with it in the first few weeks, I knew I would have to find a way to get this mascara over to me for a reasonable price, cause no mascara that is being sold here would ever make me feel as pleased as this L´Oreal one does!
The wand of this product is nearly a stick with really small bristles, which I first thought would leave my lashes stick together with the biggest amount of mascara on them, well I was wrong as it parts my eyelashes really well, makes them unbelievably long and doesn´t make them feel crispy after the mascara has dried but rather really nice and silky!
I will definitely post a picture of my lashes on my Instagram really soon as the results are just unbelievable! Bye lash extensions and false lashes...

Have you used any of these products before? What do you think about them?


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