Eyeshadow Palettes Round-Up

Eyeshadow Palettes Round-Up
If you ask me, eyeshadow palettes are one of the best inventions that have ever been made. You simply get a huge selection of different eyeshadow shades, finishes, textures, etc. put into one handy little package.
I´m pretty sure there is an eyeshadow palette for every single person, another reason why I love them, their enormous versatile! I don´t want to ramble too much now though but rather show you the eyeshadow palettes that I hoard in my collection...

Catrice Absolute Nude (5€)

I´ll just start off with the cheapest and smallest palette I own.
It´s a drugstore one that holds 6 nude/brown shades, all with a bit off glitter and just the right amount of pigmentation, when you´re just starting to experiment with makeup. It was actually my very first eyeshadow product and I still love it! The texture of them is pretty soft, but buildable. You can wear them really natural on a daily basis or go smokier for a night time look. 

NYX Love in Paris in "Merci Beaucoup" (8€)

This is honestly the ultimate autumn eyeshadow palette! Like look at those shades, a beautiful compilation of earth toned shades. I haven´t used this palette in ages, but I definitely need to do again, by the look of it now... The pigmentation is again quite fair, but totally alright, if you look at the fact that it´s a drugstore product. You get 9 gorgeous shades and so I definitely need to start experimenting with it again.
Eyeshadow Palettes Round-Up

Urban Decay Naked 2 (50€)

If this palette isn´t the absolute dream for every nude lover, I don´t know what is.
This one is the palette I always seem to go back to, as it´s so versatile. I like to use it in the winter as a more bronzed darker eyelook or even in the summer with just a bit of shimmer on my eyelid. I absolutely love that this palette offers a bit of everything, matte, shimmer, nude, rosé, dark, and even a green eyeshadow shade, all highly pigmented and ultra soft, it´s just amazing!
It´s also the one palette I always seem to take with me on holidays as you can close it securely, you have a huge mirror in it, a really good brush and it´s so handy that you can just squeeze it to the side of your suitcase.
If you don´t own any of the Naked Palettes, you are totally missing out!

Illamasqua Eyeshadow Quad

I don´t know the actual name of this palette, as it was a special edition one that I got from my Look Fantastic Advent Calendar, but I was definitely really excited to finally be able to try something form Illamasqua.
This palette already looks really luxurious from the packaging, a simple handy black case, with a small mirror inside and a quad of small eyeshadows.
I find the shades remind me again of autumn/winter, as they are really dark earth toned, and kinda resemble a forest, with the bit of green and red.
The shades are not really my alley, apart from the white/beige shade as beige or that gorgeous brown shade. I definitely have to try around to work with the green, but we´ll see how far I can go with the red shade, haha.

Anastasia Beverly Hills Modern Renaissance (40€)

The best for the last. This palette is loved by literally everyone I know.
The perfection starts at the packaging, a velvety lilac thin top and a plastic very light, bottom makes the palette really handy. But then we get to the inside of the most gorgeous palette that exists! The shades are a mixture of nude shade and bright pink, orange shades. I was always scared to use colourful eyeshadows but this palette makes experimenting so much fun, even though the shadows are highly pigmented, so you definitely need to be careful, but once you get the hang of it, it´s so much fun!
I love to use the matte shades in the crease and the glitter shades on my lid, I´m really impressed by how much glitter actually gets transfered onto your lid.

How many eyeshadow palettes do you own? What are your favourites? And which ones do you want to get next?

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